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Potassium Rich Foods and Your Diet

By Taylor Benjamin What is potassium? Potassium is taught in chemistry as being represented by the letter K, and actually comes from potash. Potassium is found naturally as an ionic salt, meaning it is found in seawater that has dissolved and is a major part of many different minerals. Potassium is required for all live […]

How to Understand a Vegetarian Diet Plan

By Kelly Simpson Many people don’t get it when they hear the words “vegetarian diet plan.” This is oftentimes due to a misunderstanding about vegetarianism-assuming that all vegetarians eat nothing but pasta and therefore cannot lose weight. Others assume that because a person doesn’t eat meat that they eat incredibly healthy, but this also isn’t […]

What Can You Do to Boost Your Metabolism?

By Josef Mack People are always wanting to know how they can boost their metabolism. A lot of this desire comes from the intense urge to want to lose weight. Everyone knows that in order to lose weight, you have to eat healthy and exercise, but without a high metabolism, you’ll get nowhere. Being overweight […]

8 Best Foods For Your Health

By Miks Brauns Some researchers are investigating which foods contain the most natural chemicals. Why are those chemicals important? Well, it’s simple – they help you prevent many diseases. That includes heart diseases, diabetes and even cancer. Sounds great, doesn’t it? So lets reveal the list of the “8 best foods for your health”. Tomatoes: […]

Facial Sweating and How Your Diet Can Cause the Problem

By Al Santini Facial sweating is the most common type of sweating problem. It happens to everyone. Your head is the warmest part of your body and that’s why you’re sweating so much. Whenever your heart rate increases, your whole system tries to cool the parts of your body that are getting to warm. It’s […]

Sugar Names and What They Mean

By Beth Hoover Sugar smells sweet and tastes sweet, but what about its name? How many sugar names are there? How many definitions? We use sugar to mean so many things and food manufacturers often use it to disguise how bad the food is that we are eating. “What’s in a name? That which we […]

High Fat Foods to Avoid

By John Davenport People who want to lose weight are often encouraged to avoid high fat foods. However, this is a problematic guideline as your body needs fat as it will simply not function properly without it. Avoiding all fats is therefore unhealthy and will not really contribute to you getting a fitter looking body. […]

The Essential Role Omega 3 Fatty Acids Play in Keeping You Healthy

By Rich Hawkins Omega 3 fatty acids play a vital role in helping you avoid many serious diseases and maintaining your everyday health and mental well-being. They are called “essential” omega 3 fatty acids because our bodies cannot manufacture them. This means they have to come from what you eat and many of us do […]

The Important Minerals in the Foods You Eat

By Taylor Benjamin There are plenty of minerals your parents and doctors have no doubt encouraged you to consume over the years. Our bodies cannot be healthy without them. But what are these minerals exactly? What do they do for your system, and which foods carry which minerals? Knowing more about such bodily essentials should […]

Getting Potassium in Your Diet

By Taylor Benjamin Potassium is a mineral especially valuable to your body. It functions as a catalyst in the nervous system, helping the muscles (including mind, heart and kidneys) working at maximum capacity. Without having an adequate amount of potassium in the body, certain side effects would begin to take their toll. Some of these […]