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The Shocking Dangers of Morbid Obesity

By Reas Johnson Morbid obesity is global. Most developed countries have seen a marked increase in the number of individuals that are reported to be morbidly obese. It has become a major scourge of modern society; a symptom reflecting the underlying ills of the modern world. Morbid obesity is a complex condition. In many ways […]

An Obesity Diet Will Help Your Belly Burn Fat

By Shawn Namtrow Obesity has become a major health issue with the snowball effect in full swing. With obesity follows the risk of developing chronic disease. Heart disease and cancer are just a couple that often can be a result of being obese. An obesity diet that will help your belly burn fat is a […]

More Sleeping is One of the Best Ways to Prevent Obesity

By Keith O We know that we can’t possibly lose our weight while sleeping, but do you know one of the best ways to prevent obesity is by sleeping more or change our sleeping patterns? More than half of Americans are obese. This is a fact. Last year, the number is still at around sixty […]

Metabolic Syndrome What is it and Why Avoid it?

By Vivienne Savill The Danger of Muffin Tops and Man Boobs! So you think that your “muffin top”or your “man boobs”are telling you that you are a little overweight, but that does not mean you have any health problems? Think again. That little bit of excess body fat could be causing you more harm than […]

Lap Bands and Bananas

By Jan Smith I went to all the trouble of losing 55kgs by having a gastric bypass Laparoscopic lap band inserted to be a physical impediment to overeating five years ago. I don’t regret having it done for one minute but I do regret my returning to bad habits. Banana’s are my downfall these days. […]

Obesity A Major Cause of Health Problems

By Michel Disusa Obesity is a condition that is spreading at fast pace. It can lead to many other health related conditions, which can be debilitating. It can be said that there are myriad of health problems associated with obesity. The researches show that there are large numbers of health problems associated with over weight […]

Things You Should Know About Bariatric Bypass Surgery

By Matt Murren If you have been declared morbidly obese, there are several surgical options for you that will help you to get down to a desirable weight. Bariatric bypass surgery is one of the more popular surgeries for the morbidly obese individual. This surgery is certainly the most intense and dangerous of weight loss […]

Exercises For Obese People

By Julia Vallessi Finding the time to exercise as well as staying motivated is tough enough. For those that are obese it is an even bigger struggle. There are those usual issues coupled with several others. There is the worry of embarrassment, being too large for the gym equipment and self conscious of being around […]

Two Thirds of Americans Could Potentially Need Bariatric Treatment

By Mark D Sierra As Americans struggle with the battle of the bulge, the medical community responds with a weapon of its own: bariatric treatment. Approximately two-thirds of Americans are overweight and 12 million are morbidly obese which means they must lose at least 100 lbs. or risk losing their life. Life-altering operation can contribute […]

Obesity Causes That May Surprise You

By Nick Gates In today’s society there are many different obesity causes that people may not think about and that can cause a myriad of health problems that can easily be avoided by eating right and keeping an eye on your weight if you know that you have this sort of problem either personally or […]