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Back Pain Management Weight Loss is Crucial

By James Kearney Managing our back pain can be one of the biggest physical challenges that we are faced with. The pain that we feel can affect so many aspects of our life. And the problem can be compounded when we are overweight and unable to exercise because of the constant discomfort. Shedding a few […]

Birkenstock Sandals and Shoes With Built in Orthotics

By Katrina Mercardo Do you wear orthotics? If you’ve had trouble with your feet and you’re now wearing orthotics, it can change your life. It changed mine! I have totally flat feet and also suffer from plantar fasciitis, and when at 15 years old I was prescribed orthotics I could not believe the difference it […]

Methods Commonly Used to Treat Hemorrhoids

By Beth Adams Sometimes the veins in the rectum can become enlarged, which can cause hemorrhoids and pain to occur. There are many different causes of hemorrhoids, some of which are constipation and straining with bowel movements, pregnancy, and liver disease. Because of the increased pressure on the veins that these conditions can cause, hemorrhoids […]

A Contour Pillow Changed My Sleep Despite Bad Cervical Spine Health

By Alejandra Lodi I vividly remember the days when I had become a victim of a severe cervical pain. It all started in my office, where I used to do software programming. A software programmer’s life involves sitting seven to nine hours in front of the computer every day and I was no exception. And […]

How to Avoid Tailbone Pains? I Use Orthopedic Seat Cushions

By Eve Langner Tailbone pain can be a killer, and in my experience an orthopedic seat cushion is almost a divine remedy to the pain. If you have not experienced it yourself, ask me and I shall vouch for it. I still remember the day that I wanted to replace an electric lamp that had […]

Exercises For TMJ Pain

By T. Baker He didn’t think it would work. This crazy old guy was speaking nonsense. Exercises for TMJ pain that cure symptoms permanently? The old man had told him how he found a therapist who knew special exercises for TMJ. But the more he thought about it, the more it made sense. All the […]

Exercises For TMJ Disorder How They Work

By T. Baker It’s taken a long time, but she had finally found what she’d been wanting so desperately. Something that will actually stop her teeth grinding and TMJ symptoms. She finally got fed up with her mouth guard which didn’t work and started doing exercises for TMJ disorder. But will they work? TMJ exercises […]

Cold and Heat in Treating Pain

By Sarah Nabila For the first day or two after the appearance of minor back pain, ice may be applied to the affected area both to induce numbness and to reduce any swelling. Once good way to do this is to put crushed ice and a little water in a plastic bag, seal it well, […]

Exercises For TMJ Dysfunction Stop the Pain

By T. Baker The pain had been nagging at her all week. Her jaw hurt when she woke up, when she ate and when she yawned. Someone at the office told her about exercises for TMJ dysfunction, she didn’t think it would work. But the constant pain pushed her to take action and try these […]

3 Easily Avoidable Mistakes That Aggravate Hemorrhoids

By Chere Dawson Greetings Readers, I feel a need to advise you of something that will affect over 40% of the adult population at some point of their lives. It is known as piles or hemorrhoids and is essentially any type of vein inflammation in or around the lower-rectal area. Mistake 1: High Use of […]