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If Youve Suffered a Rotator Cuff Injury Do Not Panic, The Answer is Often Simpler Than You Think

By Nick Bryant Shoulder problems come in all shapes and sizes. It is probably the most involved joint in the body and consequently is one of the easiest to start having a problem with and one of the most common shoulder problems is a rotator cuff injury. Around thirty percent of us will have a […]

A History of Osteopathy

By Rob Shaw Andrew Still (a Union Doctor in the American Civil War) developed osteopathy over 100 years ago. Andrew Still had always cleared his own headaches by cracking his neck and he reasoned that the spine was the source of good health, so, he began to investigate the manipulation of the joints rather than […]

Occupational Therapists Encourage Play With Preschool Toys

By Jim K Ford Occupational therapy is a way of working with individuals to become more engaged with every day activities. It is needed for individuals who would otherwise be prone to exclusion, and occupational therapists facilitate engagement activities to combat this. Occupational therapists practice three areas with their patients: physical health, mental health, and […]

Knee Brace For Women Its Your Turn to Get a Knee Brace, Not Your Mans! Knee Bracing Overview

By Daniel P. Sims Are you a woman that needs a knee brace? At the very end of this article we will show you how to find it, but for now we would like to point out some useful information about what to expect from a knee brace. Important Facts Women are just as active […]

Rotator Cuff Recovery Shoulder Pain Cures For the Long Term!

By Doc Melson There are many exercises you can perform to help you heal from your should pain. There are also many things you can do when doing those exercises that will only make the pain worse and make it last longer. You need to know the proper ways to deal with rotator cuff recovery […]

Airline Travel With Portable Oxygen Have Oxygen, Will Travel

By Philip Robinson Portable oxygen concentrators have been approved by the FAA for air travel. The FAA has approved some portable oxygen concentrators for passengers traveling on airlines. It used to be complicated and stressful to travel by air if you depended on an external oxygen supply. You were not allowed to bring your own […]

HGH Therapy What is it and What Can it Do For Your Body?

By Faviano Torres HGH therapy is an effective mode of treatment for related abnormalities in HGH deficiencies. This type is now used in anti-aging treatments very popular not only with the elderly but also with young people. Medically, the HGH therapy deals with helping to cure adults and children with pituitary functions impairment. Deficiencies shall […]

Putting the World of Finger Rehab Into Your Own Hands What You Need to Know!

By Patrick Albanese If you found this article, I’m going to presume that you have recently suffered an injury to one or more of your fingers. I will also assume you’ve been searching the internet looking for information on how to best expedite the healing process. That is exactly what happened to me. I can […]

Cure Carpal Tunnel With These Exercises

By Chadhols Kimball There are many thousands who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. These people are afflicted with the aches and pains which are symptomatic of the disorder and often spend large amounts of money in an effort to be rid of the pain and discomfort in their hands, wrists and arms. Unfortunately, the majority […]

Total Joint Replacements The Surgeon Says I Am Too Young

By Richard A Haynes In the United States today there are more cases of osteoarthritis also known as degenerative joint disease reported then ever before. In fact there are roughly 21 million people affected by it in the US in one form or another. It is estimated that 27% of the visits made to the […]