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Ignorance About the Food We Consume and Its Effects on Health and Weight Loss

By Nivedha Manoharan Food is not just for the body, but for both mind and body. Food is not just about the calories/protein content/daily values of minerals and vitamins. People often buy a pizza and look at the nutritional value behind the package, and become happy looking at the calories and protein. Food is not […]

3 Great Flat Stomach Workouts You Should Try Out

By George Mike It is not enough to lose the fat around your abdominal region. You also need to make sure the muscles around your stomach and every part of the body are toned and firmed. What I am trying to pass across to you is that rather than concentrate on flattening your tummy from […]

How to Prepare Your Body For Hitting the Beach

By Dane C. Fletcher If you still have a few months to go before summer, then you have ample time to tack in any evidence of the chicken roast you’ve been overindulging in. you don’t want to hit the beach and flaunt the beer belly you got when you went out with the boys a […]

Best Exercises to Lose Weight

By Marta Holden You would be forgiven if you thought that the best exercise to lose weight was running for hours on end. It is what is commonly thought amongst people, and it is a natural thought. Running does burn calories, energy that you need to lose in order to drop the weight, however there […]

Types of Foods You Must Eat to Lose Weight

By Joanna Davis People always find many effective ways to get rid of excessive fat in the body. Numerous diet plans available now offer you a fast way achieving ideal body size. As we know, the key to get the perfect body we are always dreaming on is food choice and exercise. When it comes […]

5 Surprising Fat Burning Foods Here Are 5 Surprising Fat Burning Foods To Lose Weight

By John D. Miller Every time we think about starting a diet, we usually feel sad about all those favorite foods that we need to sacrifice. Yet, very few women know that foods such as pasta or chocolate can aid your weight loss, keep you full for longer and help you get a flat stomach. […]

Vitamins Should Be a Part of Any Weight Loss Plan

By Mitch Suss When you start a diet and begin to cut down on the amount of calories you consume you run the risk of depriving your body of important nutrients. A number of doctors will recommend that you take a vitamin supplement while on your weight loss plan to make sure that you do […]

Food How Do I Use Thee? Let Me Count the Ways

By William A. Anderson Just about everyone who admits to loving “comfort food” is confessing to a kind of food addiction. Unlike other creatures, human beings use food to satisfy a whole array of needs that have nothing to do with nutrition. Our four-legged relatives don’t eat because they are hurt, depressed, tired, lonely, or […]

Calories to Lose Weight How Many?

By Jesse L Moore A “calorie” is a unit of energy stored in a particular food. Foods with more energy stored in them are higher calorie than foods with less energy. This is why foods with high sugar content are also high in calories. The basic rule to losing weight is that you need to […]

Effective Weight Loss Tips From Around the World

By Lauren S Johnson Every country has its own approach towards weight loss. Some places use the traditional approach (such as a healthy diet and exercise), while others experiment with other dietary aids. In this article I will reveal some of the most effective weight loss tips from around the world. Spice it up. Eating […]