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Yoga and Health Yoga For Profit

By Stewart Haynes The number of people practicing Yoga has probably never been higher. People are increasingly realising that there is a branch of Yoga that suits the vast majority regardless of their age and general state of health. If you have been practising Yoga for some time, and have the commitment, there is no […]

Yoga, and Its Evolution Down the Ages

By Jessica Kirthisinghe Yoga, as we know it, has evolved down the centuries from its ancient pure form, to the modern version that we practice today. In order to really understand and appreciate Yoga, you have to get to its roots which came into being more than 4 to 5,000 years ago in India. According […]

Yoga and Meditation Relationships and Love

By Anthony D’Agostino So together let’s look at relationships. Relationships with others, and with our loved ones. Let’s see how Yoga and Meditation can help! How do we define love? If we look very closely and are very honest about this, we recognize that most relationships are based upon control, co-dependence, need, desire, and greed. […]

Yoga Retreats An Ashram For Do it Yourself Illustrated Exercise

By Satori Ebedes Often we find our daily schedules do not allow time for several hours a week to exercise at the neighborhood gym. An effective and inexpensive solution that will not cost an arm and a leg is to practice yoga at home. A home yoga session has no membership fee or expensive equipment; […]

Yoga and Time Off Precious Time For Reflection

By Paul Jerard Time off, or time away from work, is special to us because it gives us a chance to re-direct our energy. Some of us might call this “time to get our bearings straight.” Yet, how many people really take time off for themselves? Is it selfish to spend time on meditation, Yoga, […]

4 Unique Yoga Exercises Which Will Help You Gain Height Fast! Stop Worrying About it Now

By Rahul Talwar While you might have consumed innumerable pills or used modern machines in a bid to gain height, you might have forgotten that there exist exercises that have been perfected over centuries, which can help you to increase your height fast. These exercises are known as yoga and here are 4 unique yoga […]

Why Practice Yoga?

By Greg A Brown Today, we live with a hectic lifestyle and we are always on the run from the moment we wake up in the morning. Most of the time we are busy with our professional appointments and handling workload, which creates more stress and tension. As a result of which more and more […]

Simple Chair Yoga Pose For Energy

By Anmol Mehta Chair yoga pose is excellent for strengthening and building your lower body. It can help tone your thighs and buttocks, and overall improve your energy and virility significantly. This pose is actually quite tough to do and beginner’s need to careful with their knees when practicing this posture. The exercise gets it’s […]

Seven Health Benefits of Yoga

By Swati NitinGupta Yoga is an ancient science which was practiced some 5000 years ago not in any gurukul but on a battlefield. Indian epic Mahabharata says yoga lessons were first imparted by Lord Krishna to his pupil Arjuna the third pandava. These days thanks to some practicing yogis (like Baba Ramdev) yoga has become […]

Increase Your Peace

By William Tempel Peace, Every day. Everyday stresses, everyday. This is now the world of 8am to 6pm, the days of the 9-5 fading quickly into obscure parental references from days gone by like so many antiquated table manners. Is it really so long ago that an average American family ate meals together? At a […]