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Panic Attacks in Pregnancy

By Leanne Williams Almost all people who suffer from a panic disorder feel a degree of anxiety, but this excessive worrying is magnified if the sufferer is pregnant. Not only have they got the fear of further panic attacks, there is the worry about how their unborn child will be affected or, if they have […]

Types of Child Care Available For Your Child

By W Tsang Practicality dictates that both parents in a family should work in order to support and give the best for the family especially now that the cost of living has been soaring higher than ever. Because of this the children are left at the care of other people while parents work to earn […]

Animals at Sleep Time With Zoo Crib Bedding

By Erica A Brooks Lion, tigers, and bears-oh my! Decorating a baby’s nursery in zoo crib bedding is an adorable theme which will add instant cuteness and charm to a little one’s nursery. It is important to give careful thought into the type of bedding you select for your baby’s nursery as it determines the […]

Top 5 Reasons to Give Gas RC Buggies For Special Occasions

By Darren W Chow Every family has an off-road enthusiast. A person who is drawn in by the power and rugged mechanics of a well built vehicle. And while it is nice to get out into the wilds and test the limits of a regular vehicle, not everyone has the time, advantage, or temperament to […]

Expressing Yourself Through Hobbies

By Andrew M. Miller We all have our own identities and it’s important for us to learn how to express them. Many people don’t even really understand their own identities until they’re middle-aged. Life can be a difficult journey but these difficulties only provide us with the opportunity to overcome challenges and find out who […]

Starting a Baby Care Center

By Rob William There are numerous people around, who think of starting with a baby center of their own. Some people think of it as a business opportunity and earning profits out of it, whereas some just love being in the company of babies, and they find it one of the best ways to pass […]

Luxury Baby Blankets Give Mom and Baby the Gift of a Good Nights Sleep

By Erica A Brooks Looking for a blanket for your baby? Know someone who is going to have a baby? Shopping for a new baby is always fun and exciting, and not just for the parents. Of course you’ll want to get one that both the parents, and especially the baby, will love. How about […]

Portraits of Retirement

By Peter Pak Disoza Frank is approaching 40 and is realizing how poorly he has planned for retirement. He always meant to get around to it, but his good intentions never translated into having a well designed plan of action. Mark has big plans for retirement. He wants to finish his novel, and do some […]

Portraits of Sibling Rivalry

By Peter Pak Disoza A distraught mom confides to you, I would not believe it if I had not seen it with my own eyes. The moment I turned around John belted his brother right in the gut. I do not know what to do now I am afraid to leave them alone together! Before […]

Self Esteem Key Factor in Child Rearing and Personality Development

By Katherine E Thompson There are two sides of a coin in the issue about self-esteem development in children. One side tells us that self-esteem in children is about having this yearning to develop a sense of self-worth. The other part claims that self-esteem is not a cause but rather an end-result of developing confidence […]