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Baby Boomers and Internet Business

By Rachel J Hall Did you know that there are over 78 million Baby Boomers in the United States and 19 million in the United Kingdom and millions more all over the world. Baby Boomers are a diverse and multi faceted group that covers a vast range of life experiences and interests. Their financial situation […]

Beaming Boomer

By Sigrid Vargas Gone are the days when a person can eat a scoop of ice cream where the jiggling effects to our behind go unnoticed. Metabolism plays an important role in keeping the body in shape. Unfortunately so, as a person loses his youth so does his speedy metabolism. Metabolic rate slows down with […]

Retired Baby Boomers Some Great Places To Enjoy Your Retired Life

By Abhishek Agarwal Close to 78 million baby boomers were said to have contributed to the population crisis of sorts experienced in America between 1946 and 1964. Apart from the growing economical stability and increased financial prosperity enjoyed by the survivors, families to which baby boomers were born into were keen to give them the […]

Top Five Gifts For Baby Boomers

By Sigrid Vargas For starters, how about a trip to some luxurious vacation place, complete with a well planned itinerary that covers everything from what to do, what to see, where to visit, eat, travel arrangements, car service and the like. Many Baby Boomers have lots of time on their hands in the present (or […]

Baby Boomer Marriages Marriage, In A Different Perspective!

By Abhishek Agarwal Marriage can be seen as a funny thing. The way people view varies from a teenager to a youth, keeping aside the conventional method that has been in practice for almost four decades now. The baby boomers have always experienced almost every aspect in married life, and there are many people who […]

Old is Young

By Sigrid Vargas Heard of ‘Young at heart football club’? It is a club formed entirely of people who have put in at least 20 years of service somewhere, and are aged above 50! That means that the entire club is populated with boomers. This is just one example out of hundreds of associations and […]

Australian Baby Boomers Introduction, A Different Kind?

By Abhishek Agarwal There are thousands of millions of babies that are born every day. Population of the world is increasing at an exponential rate. The highest recorded increase in the births of children was in the 40s. After World War II, a boom of babies was born every year for about 20 years and […]

Baby Boomer Statistics Keeping The Count Right!

By Abhishek Agarwal Post World War II; there was a great increase in the birth rate in the US. This is the generation which is popularly known as the baby boomers. People who came into the world between the years 1946 and 1964 constitute the baby boomer population. Two of the presidents of United States […]