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How to Help the Bereaved This Christmas

By Akindolire Adekunle Eric The easiest thing to do when consoling someone who is bereaved is to talk and tell them not to cry and maybe share some other terrible moments we have also had in similar moments of our lives before. We have all had our trying moments, I mean when we also lost […]

Free Eulogy Samples

By Margaret Marquisi For people who are going to write eulogies the first time, it will be easier for them if they had a sample that could serve as a basis for their funeral speech. Free eulogy samples can be gotten from books and the Web. They must be used as guides for writing and […]

Heart Rending Eulogies and Examples to Glean Insights From

By Margaret Marquisi Thinking of how to word a eulogy for one of the most important people in your life? For some people, it is a necessity, while others do it without any qualms. After all, it is customary practice for an immediate family member, like a son or daughter, to give the eulogy at […]

Sympathy Gifts in Time of Need

By Linda Cramer A great way to express sympathy in a time of need is with sympathy gifts. It may not be easy but it is needed both by the person in need and the person offering wishing to express their understanding and empathy for whatever negative has occurred. A great way to show your […]

Palliative Care For Children

By Pauline Go Many children are born with congenital illnesses and diseases that do not have a cure. While accepting the fact that their parent is dying is a natural process for a child, it is not natural for apparent to accept that they have to see their child dying. The child does not know […]

8 Diverse Eulogy Styles

By Hal Stevens Your thoughts are certainly unclear and you’re worn out-both physically and emotionally. The furthest thing from your mind is a writing assignment. While your every thought is of the person who has departed, the person that you miss so awfully, you’re at a loss as to what to say about them. There’s […]

Funeral Service Scriptures

By Carole Galassi Funeral service scriptures offer words of wisdom and comfort. For some who are planning a funeral service that is religious, incorporating funeral scriptures can help comfort and encourage the bereaved family, friends, and attendees. Whether the service is held in a church, funeral home, or another type of building or home, funeral […]

The Cheapest Funeral of All

By Scott Gilligan Have you ever considered leaving your body to medical science? As discussion of death becomes more open in our society, it has become a topic of discussion for those still alive – donating their bodies to further medical science. This new openness throws up new value sets, preferences and opinions that are […]

How to Plan a Funeral Service

By Carole Galassi Planning a funeral service can be overwhelming especially during a highly emotional time. Often, its not easy to plan and tend to all the details when you are grieving for your loved one. It can be very helpful to enlist the help of family members and close friends. Even if your family […]

Funeral Blues Analysis

By Carole Galassi When you are going through a time of loss from a recent loved one’s death, grieving and mourning is a normal process that occurs. Although it may not feel like it, mourning is considered to be the beginning of the healing process. In experiencing a death of a loved one, you may […]