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10 Things You Should Know About Stair Lifts

By Eric N Alexander A stair lift has a many benefits for the elderly, as well as for mobility impaired. In modern times its utility and importance is increasing. This is due to the fact that we are living in a fast paced world with a need for multitasking. Instead of a person needing to […]

Breathalyzers and the Elderly Do You Need to Breath Test Grandpa?

By Martin Roth Alcohol abuse among the elderly is a growing but often unrecognized problem. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, surveys conducted in health care settings have found increasing prevalence of alcoholism among the older population. There are many reasons, with one factor being a trend towards drinking at social […]

What are Senior Elder Abuse Signs and What You Can Do About it

By Barry Lycka The most recent statistics show that senior abuse is on an all-time high. The latest reports show that about 10% of all the seniors now residing in the states are suffering from one or more forms of abuse. But according to the World Health Organization or WHO, those figures might not be […]

Talking About Sensitive Subjects With Older Parents

By David Crumrine Caring for a senior citizen requires talking about sensitive subjects. If you are providing care for a parent or grandparent, you may feel awkward bringing up certain issues. This feeling is understandable. Still, discussing these issues is necessary for ensuring the senior citizen loved one is kept safe and provided the best […]

Avoiding Financial, Legal and Emotional Problems in the Nursing Home

By Pamela Dombrowski-Wilson The physical characteristics of nursing homes have significantly improved over the years due to government policies, regulations and consumer movements to make nursing homes more “home-like”. However, make no mistake — nursing homes are businesses, whether operating for profit or non-profit. Because of government, insurance and other regulations, the application process (paperwork) […]

A Few Housing Choices For Senior Citizens

By Connor R Sullivan There are many new housing developments springing up all over the country and many of these are catering to older people. There is a whole generation of people who are attempting to buy something smaller in order to scale down and are looking at something more maintenance free than perhaps they […]

Bed Pads Step 1 of Recovery

By Benjamin Ellis While there is the obvious option of disposable as opposed to the washable and reusable bed pad, there is one factor that you may also want to consider. Most advice would have it that the way to combat bed wetting is through patience and loving understanding towards the victim, especially in young […]

Bed Pad Reusable Or Disposable?

By Benjamin Ellis Welcome to the world of bed wetting and incontinence. Fun stuff right? Well amidst all of the struggles of physical and emotional pains this might be of some use to you. This advice comes from someone who has been there and done that, and hopefully this will serve as somewhat of an […]

Cooking For Seniors

By Lisa Paterson Cooking for Seniors is something that we don’t give much thought to. But everyday we age. Another thing about aging is that you may have noticed that what you didn’t like when you were younger you now find delicious. As we age, our sense of taste and smell diminishes. Seniors may not […]

Senior at Home Care Heat Precautions For the Elderly

By Patty Adams Seniors are especially prone to complications related to exposure to excessive heat. Now that we are in the midst of our summer weather, seniors and their family and friends should be aware of the risks to older citizens during excessively hot weather. You may hear that a “heat advisory” or “excessive heat […]