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Hosting a Dinner Party? Follow These Simple Tips to Make it the Best Ever

By Simon Henry Jones Dinner parties are an almost universal obsession, and they more often and not define a social hierarchy in the upper classes. However, there is a much more enjoyable side to dinner parties – and that is getting good friends together to eat, drink and be merry. Having put on a fair […]

Great Entertainment For Less!

By Sean Teahan Entertainment is a person’s way of relieving stress and putting behind the day’s work for a more relaxing and fun moment. Different people want entertainment in different ways. There are those who love watching movies, games, or concerts. There are also those who prefer a quieter and calmer surrounding and thus they […]

How to Do Magic Tricks With Cards

By Vio Banciu It isn’t hard to learn how to do magic tricks with cards if you have the right tools to learn from, but if you do learn you will become one of the most popular person wherever you go. Here you will find out how to do magic tricks with cards that will […]

Backyard Games Are Here to Stay Thankfully

By Greg King The current world can be a menacing and threatening thing to young children and worrisome to parents.  Daily news on gangs, predators, and kidnappers provide little comfort for today’s parents. They’ve every reason to be worried too.  Look to your own backyard for some solace and you can also expect a better […]

Being the Host With the Most

By Jim Slate There are a lot of pros and cons to throwing a party. On the one hand everything will go down on your turf and you will have the home field advantage during the entire event, with the advantage of feeling more comfortable and relaxed as the party goes on. On the other […]

Hosting a Fabulous Summer BBQ

By David Beart If you have never entertained in your home before, you may be wondering how you can wow your friends with a party they will never forget. When the weather is nice the answer to that question is a classy backyard barbeque. You may have cooked out with your family before and be […]

Magical Illusions For Family Fun

By Donald Paquin To see someone levitate, or bend a spoon, or make something or someone disappear, are Magical Illusions. What’s the difference between the magician and the average person? Knowledge! And to have that knowledge is no different than any other type of knowledge. But with the knowledge that a magician has, it makes […]

Poolside Basketball Hoops and Goals

By Trey Carter Combining the game of basketball with pool fun makes for a great day and gives your backyard a lot of versatility. Poolside basketball hoops also add a creative and refreshing way to get some exercise. You can shoot hoops alone or have a poolside game with friends. Having a poolside basketball hoop […]

December Celebrations Beyond Christmas

By Gisele Perez December is the time for festive celebrations. Of course, most of us excitedly look forward to digging into our traditional Christmas Roast Turkey or Prime Ribs. But why not invite friends to something a little different in honor of multiculturalism, and begin some new traditions. Here are some other celebrations (along with […]

Old Times, Hard Times, Good Times and Times to Come The Ministry of Hospitality

By Jan C. Steven I have the privilege of being a pastoral care visitor for All Peoples United Church and the people who call there who need someone to talk to. Part of our conversation will be about how we can we still serve God, our fellow humans and the natural world when we are […]