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Child Custody Help For Paternity Issues

By Abigail Vernon Paternity is the legal recognition of a father for a child. Once paternity has been established it brings child custody obligations and rights. Here is some child custody help for determining paternity and what to do after that happens. There are a few ways that paternity is determined. If a mother is […]

Help From Dad After Birth

By Angela Linton The day of the birth of your son or daughter is quickly approaching and you are looking forward to laying your eyes on him/her. Meanwhile, you want to learn everything that you can about caring for your baby when he/she arrives. On the other hand, your child is already here and after […]

A Letter to My Father

By Luis Steven Gomez This is to the greatest leaders of them all, our fathers. I don’t mean our fore fathers I mean our fathers, our dads, and our first buddies. They are our heroes and everything we aspire to be. We look up to them, and as small little tots we put on their […]

Parenting Skills Needed to Give Daughters Positive Body Image

By James Dunsford Though he may not be a father himself, singer-songwriter John Mayer had the right idea when he sang the chorus for his song Daughters. “Fathers, be good to your daughters/ Daughters will love like you do.” This is especially true given that many women have issues with their body image or weight, […]

Fathers Confinement Helper

By Sangeetha Nadarajan The wife’s wedged in the confinement period and you are sulking on the couch watching Bayern Munich total Schalke on the field? Oh, and do you feel that you’re in confinement just because your wife is too? What’s wrong with you? Don’t just sit there with one hand on the remote and […]

Supporting One Another in the Pursuit of Responsible Fatherhood

By James Christian We all want and need better fatherhood in our lives; whether it comes from our own fathers, our husbands, our parents, or from society in general. Responsible fatherhood is not a destination, but rather a personal dedication to a lifelong journey. On this voyage fathers need all of the help they can […]

My Dad and I

By Rajiv Karran My memories are a blur. A lot of feelings go through me as I try to recall the past, yours and mine. I feel like I’ve lived a thousand years, too many memories, some fleeting and some lasting. I wish I had software that will help my brain recollect the good memories […]

Step Parenting Mordicai and Esther

By Kevin Leland The book of Esther is a story about the close relationship between a step parent and a step child. I don’t like the etymology of the word “step”. It comes from “steop” meaning deprived, or bereaved. Modern psychology likes to say “stepfamilies are born out of loss” This idea and feeling about […]

What is a Dad?

By Bryan Appleton There are so many men who have children in this world.  Some play a large role in their children’s lives and others play almost no role at all.  Most dads probably fall somewhere in between although there is no way to really prove that at all.  But,  there is a definite stigma […]

Dads Thrive For Your Children

By Bryan Appleton You want your children to be successful.  As fathers we naturally want the best for our children.  We want them to be able to achieve their dreams and to only experience the best situations in their lives.  This is something that we all feel on a universal level.  It does not matter […]