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Ebb Hydroponics Maintaining the System

By Wayne Hunter Ebb hydroponics systems are truly very easy to build, but just how often does the system need to flood and drain? There are actually several factors that can affect the number of cycles that you will need to flood and drain your hydroponic system. Here are a few of the factors that […]

Be an Expert Herb Gardener An Herb Garden Kit Can Do it in 14 Days Or Less

By John Schepperand Maggie Guscott Never planted anything in your life before? Don’t know where to start? No problem! Herb garden kits can make a beginner look like an expert. Many kits are like complete frozen dinners you buy at the supermarket. “Everything is in there” to borrow a line from a TV ad – […]

Tomato Growing Tips For Beginners

By Steve Haupt Have you ever wanted to do something so bad but just had no idea how to do it? Well, if you feel this way about growing tomatoes then this is your lucky day. I am going to give you some tomato growing tips to get you over that hump. If you put […]

How Much to Water Our Indoor Plants?

By Shaun R Lewis How do we know how much water is enough or too much for our plants? The overall health of our plants is determined largely by the proper amount of water they receive. If they do not get enough, they will wilt and collapse. If they get too much, the roots will […]

Tips For Growing Flowers With Bulbs

By Logan Pacelli Bulbs to force in the greenhouse can be brought in now from the pit where they were buried if you planted “prepared” bulbs. Ordinary bulbs should be left for another two weeks or more so that they can build up a stronger root system. Put the bulbs into the dark for a […]

Finding the Right Greenhouse Heater

By Allison Ray Greenhouse heaters are a smart investment to help you stay warm while gardening and extend your gardening season to grow more fruits and vegetables. Keeping your plants warm can protect them against some disease and harm caused by frost. Depending of the heater you buy, you can also use it in the […]

Rose Oil Comparable to Gold

By Amanda Wong About KuShui: The city flower of LanZhou is Kushui Rose (KuShui is a geographical name). The rose which is yielded in KuShui is the best rose in China, so it is called “Rose of Kushuh“. KuShui is located in LanZhou, Gansu Province where has the biggest rose manufacturing base in China. And […]

The Future of Gardening

By Chris Ann Stroech It was not that long ago that this was to be the “Jetson-age” with flying cars and push-of-the-button home cooked meals. While, these are possibilities, they are not yet mainstreamed into society. What is a mainstream is the need for conservation via recycling, reusing, and renewing our various resources. The Earth […]

3 Secrets to Stop Snails From Eating Your Garden Naturally

By Tito King Snails are one of the worst pests that can live through your garden! They can ravage all your vegetables and they can destroy a lot of your plants! Snails are also very messy and slimy. When your garden is infested with a lot of snails, they make your garden have lines of […]

Cleaning Up Your Garden

By Chad R Fisher Once the final harvest is done in the autumn, it is time to clean up your garden and carefully prepare it for the next season. Most of this work can be done over the winter months. Having too much debris in your beds from the year before can attract pest and […]