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Child Custody Issues Grandparents Child Custody and Visitation

By Abigail Vernon Grandparents are also affected when their children divorce divorce. Grandparents may worry that their child’s spouse will get full custody and that they may not get to see the grandchildren. Or, a grandparent may be right in the middle of a custody situation because the parents of the children have included them […]

Tips on How to Connect With Grandchildren

By Veronica Scott Many people are misguided on what bonding with their grandchildren entails. Some think that it is by talking to them which is not necessarily true. Children however young are sensitive and can feel intimidated by these talks. Some of these talks are more interrogative than interactive and the children may feel uncomfortable […]

Important Tips For Grandparents Babysitting For the First Time

By Veronica Scott When parents are taking trips and/or holidays, grandparents are sometimes asked to baby sit their grandchildren. For grandparents who may not have had the chance to hold a baby since their own parents were born this can prove to be a challenging task. Grandchildren can be a handful. Between all the playing, […]

Explaining a Missing Parent

By Veronica Scott There are so many grandparents around the world that are currently playing the parental role with their grandchildren. There are many reasons why a parent may be absent from a child’s life. No matter what that reason it, it is certainly a large responsibility for anyone to have to fill that void. […]

Grandparents and Visitation Rights

By Veronica Scott It is a grandparent’s natural born right to spoil their grandchildren, see them whenever they want and play a big role in their lives. While this is generally the way things work out, many grandparents are not so lucky. Instead of having the ability to form relationships with their grandchildren, they are […]

Tips For Explaining Missing Parents to Grandchildren

By Veronica Scott Thousands of grandparents step up to the plate each year to raise children their own children can no longer take care of. If the absence is due to death, illness or even military service, explaining the situation can be hard. If the absence is due to incarceration or drug use, explaining what […]

Name That Nanny Sometimes Grandparents Need to Compromise

By Wendy Streater The birth of their first child is supposed to be one of the most memorable events in a parent’s life. Unfortunately, it can be most distressing for the parents if the grandparents are fighting. Sometimes even those who are supposed to know better just don’t. Maybe they don’t like having to share […]

The History Behind Grandparents Day

By Veronica Scott The first Sunday after Labor Day used to be just an average, ordinary day. Thanks to Marian McQuade of West Virginia, all that changed in 1978 when the first national Grandparents’ Day was celebrated. This one day a year has been set aside in America, and now Canada, to celebrate the important […]

Tips For Shining As a Long Distance Grandparent

By Veronica Scott In days gone by, the role of grandparent was clearly defined. With families and extended families all living in close proximity, grandparents and their grandchildren were free to create relationships with bonds that lasted. With today’s families often scattered across the globe, many grandparents find themselves wondering if it is even possible […]

Raising Your Grandchildren

By Veronica Scott There are many reasons why grandparents may find themselves as the primary caregiver of their grandchildren. This can be because of such things as a death in the family or because parents need to spend more time at work than in previous years. Many families are not always lucky enough to have […]