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Fantastic Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

By D. Halet Christmas time is creeping up on us yet again. With the times being as hard financially as they are it can be hard for people to spend as much money as they would like many are turning to deciding to make homemade Christmas gifts this gift giving season. The following are some […]

Christmas Party Decorations Some Good Ideas

By Agung Pranoto Surprise your party guests this holiday with anything-but-ordinary Christmas party decorations. This season is a season filled with happiness and Christmas party coming soon. If you are looking for ideas for Christmas party unique themed decorations, you’d never see. Roads in Winter Wonderland Spray on snow, snowflakes began to cut and build […]

How to Re Engineer Christmas For a Happier Holiday!

By Bobbie Bailey Commercializing Christmas is good for business, but now that the economy is struggling, the idea of Christmas should be more about giving from the heart, not the wallet. If you have lost your job and facing un-certain financial times, it is time to redefine the ideas that may have gotten you where […]

How to Rethink Christmas If Funds Are Low

By Bobbie Bailey The intent of Christmas has been transformed from the traditional family get together into a commercially promoted holiday, which puts added pressures on parents who have lost their jobs or are in dire financial times. If you have lost your job and facing an unknown financial future, it is time to rethink […]

LED Outdoor Christmas Lights

By Ann Cohen As I was trying to find out if LED lights are more efficient and why, I came upon some interesting facts not only about LED lights but the past of Christmas Tree Lights… interesting… And yes, LED lights which stands for light-emitting diode, are more energy efficient. We can get very technical […]

Christmas Lawn Decorations Tips to Create That Christmas Display You Always Wanted

By Marilyn Rogers Right NOW is the time to get the decorations up on the roof and front lawn. Do not wait for “The night before Christmas” to put up Christmas Lawn Decorations. With all the snazzy new decorations out there maybe it is time to retire some of your faded, broken old ones, and […]

Vintage Christmas Lights The History of Christmas Lights and Where to Buy Them

By Jennifer Noll Vintage Christmas Lights are a great way to bring back the past. With all of the retro trends in society, retro Christmas lighting has become a popular way to impress your friends and family. The World Wide Web has become an excellent resource for finding old Christmas light sets from years gone […]

About Personalized Ornaments

By Ross Michaels Study unveils just around eighty eight percent of Americans take part in decorating their holiday tree with Christmas ornaments. The ornaments stand for great memories, family heirlooms and individuals creative tastes. Due to its popularity, model gifts for Xmas are personalized ornaments. The decorations can showcase themes for sports fans, pets, the […]

Why This Christmas Should Be Extra Special

By Nancy Kelsey Smith We come near the close of a year that has been filled to the brim with tough times, unemployment, a stagnant economy and anxieties over our abilities (or inabilities) to provide the necessities for our families. The outlook appears bleak and most of us are weary from worry. We have witnessed […]

Holiday Guests 5 Tips to Prepare For Their Arrival

By Barb Pattison The Christmas and Holiday Season is looming upon us. For many, this means opening your home to visitors. Entertaining guests can be a wonderful experience and create memories to last a lifetime or it can be a nightmare with a lot of unnecessary stress. If you will be having guests this holiday […]