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Portraits of Sibling Rivalry

By Peter Pak Disoza A distraught mom confides to you, I would not believe it if I had not seen it with my own eyes. The moment I turned around John belted his brother right in the gut. I do not know what to do now I am afraid to leave them alone together! Before […]

Self Esteem Key Factor in Child Rearing and Personality Development

By Katherine E Thompson There are two sides of a coin in the issue about self-esteem development in children. One side tells us that self-esteem in children is about having this yearning to develop a sense of self-worth. The other part claims that self-esteem is not a cause but rather an end-result of developing confidence […]

3 Reasons Kids Blame and How Parents Can Help Them

By Jean Tracy Why do kids blame others for their own mistakes? Don’t they know that blaming brings trouble? Look inside to find out the benefits of blaming and what you can do to build character. Why Kids Blame: Blaming is a smoke screen. Sooner or later the smoke dies down and the blamer is […]

Make Sure Your Kids Arent Stressed Out

By Dax DaCosta In South Korea, “among young people 10 to 19, suicide is the second most common cause of death, after traffic accidents,” – The New York Times. Fact: 40 percent of children under 15 in Spain suffer from too much stress. When his teacher asked him about his homework, one eight year old […]

Early Childhood Water Safety What Every Parent Must Know

By Blake Collingsworth Blake Collingsworth never wanted to be the person reminding people it can happen to them. Water Safety and Early Childhood Education is so important for everybody to know. That all it takes is one second, and your child can slip out of your sight. “Everybody thinks they know, but they’ve got to […]

Child Geniuses Are They Born or Bred?

By Jayneanne Benjamin Child geniuses have been known throughout the centuries and studied by many eminent people. Unfortunately, there seems to be little agreement on any side as to whether the child has inherited its brain power or maybe acquired it through a chance development factor at birth. One American answer was to use child […]

Guiding Siblings to Play Nicely Together

By Gabriella Gometra Having more than one child will change the family dynamic in so many interesting ways. In addition to being a mother or a father, a parent will find themselves acting as referee or police officer on so many occasions. There were times I truly wished I had a whistle I could blow […]

Getting Through to Your Teen 3 Simple Tips to Follow

By Scott Byers As a parent, it can be quite a challenge to raise a teenager with multiple behavioral problems and issues, so you’ll want to have all available options on the table in front of you. This article will help by examining some of the different ways that you can make a difference in […]

Several Things You Should Do For Your Children

By Michael G Robert I often hear some people say that they are confused about their children. They think that it is hard to understand what their children’s want. As parents, we just wish all the best for them. Actually, there are several things we should know about them, so that there will be good […]

Parents, You Cannot Show Too Much Love to Your Child

By Ali Bierman You cannot possibly hug your child too much. Nor can you say, “I love you,” too often. Love will never spoil a child. Overindulgence and lack of discipline can spoil a child. Hugging, cuddling and loving can only produce confident children who grow into confident adults. There is no need to demand […]