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Party Equipment Rentals to Satisfy Your Party Needs!

By Nancy P Shevell Planning for any big event or any other special occasion can become overwhelming, especially if you do it without any proper layout. If you find any of the best complete party equipment rentals, then it can give you a handy checklist to help coordinate all the exciting details that will make […]

Pink Poodle Birthday Party Supplies For a Girls Birthday Party With French Flair

By Patti L. Follow Pink Poodle along on her adventures in Paris, then bring Paris back to your little girl’s birthday party. How? With Pink Poodle birthday party supplies. Whether you need refreshment supplies, decorations, or party gifts, this line has it all. Start your party supply gathering off by selecting a themed Birthday Deluxe […]

Celebrate Mardi Gras! Ideas to Create a Mardi Gras Party

By Carol Eiseman Celebrate Mardi Gras! This history rich festival makes for the perfect mid-winter party! With the dead of winter upon all of us, it’s time to gather friends and family and get everyone out of their winter doldrums. Mardi Gras provides a fun and festive reason for a celebration! Mardi Gras season in […]

Finding a Used Party Tent

By Jennifer Waller Used party tents are the best type of temporary shelter for any of your outside events. Tents are more affordable than renting space for a large event in many cases. They are very sturdy and they are available in different styles so there is no problem locating a one that is suitable […]

Holiday Party Gift Etiquette

By Gretchen Erle The holidays are here, and that means lots of parties and get-togethers. Sometimes it can be confusing about what to bring to holiday gatherings. Common questions may come to mind. For example, how do you go about picking out gifts for a gift exchange? And, should you bring a hostess gift in […]

Prom Night What is it All About?

By Chris G Burgess Prom night is usually about celebrating the end of school in the United States and Canada. Although in the UK it is a series of orchestral concerts run by the BBC from July to September, which started in 1985. In other countries it has a different name. In Australia, Ireland, and […]

Magical Parties They Are More Than Just Fun!

By Shannon Summers Parties are fun, but some parties are more than just fun – they’re magical. Magical parties often commemorate milestones or special events in your life or the lives of your loved ones. Such parties are occasions that add joy to your life and often help you reinforce a special closeness to those […]

Sesame Street Party

By Sarah Manias Having a birthday party for a group of children aged between 1 and 6 and not sure what to do? A Sesame Street party may be just the ticket! All kids love the show. A party based on this theme is sure to be a big winner. Here’s some ideas for your […]

Sesame Street Invitations Making 1st Birthdays Special

By Elizabeth Chastain Homemade Sesame Street invitations is the place to start when creating that very special 1st birthday party. Your little one will thank you for taking a walk down one of their favorite streets – Sesame Street that is! SESAME STREET INVITATIONS – FEATURING BIG BIRD Cut 8 1/2″ x 11″ shiny, orange […]

7 Great 50th Birthday Ideas For a Wonderful Milestone Celebration

By Linda Kling If you’re planning a big bash for someone who is going to turn fifty, forget an over the hill theme.  Instead, it’s time to celebrate a special person who is about to be a half century young.  Here are seven ideas to make it a lively, fun and memorable 50th birthday party. […]