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Portraits of Retirement

By Peter Pak Disoza Frank is approaching 40 and is realizing how poorly he has planned for retirement. He always meant to get around to it, but his good intentions never translated into having a well designed plan of action. Mark has big plans for retirement. He wants to finish his novel, and do some […]

Seven Economic Reasons For a US Citizen to Retire to Panama

By Lamar Ross So, why should YOU consider retiring to Panama? There are probably as many reasons as there are people considering it, but below I give you seven of my personal economic reasons. Panama is not new to the top ranking of retirement destinations. It has continually ranked in the top ten for a […]

Will I Ever Be Able to Retire?

By Steve Kujala This question is on the mind of millions of baby boomers approaching the normal age for retirement. Sadly, the answer will be no unless they come up with something quickly. Financial planners have been telling boomers for years that they need to save for retirement. This has often been a case of […]

Senior Population on the Rise

By Marianne Vanjecek The most current Canada census showed some very interesting statistics when it comes to the seniors population and the rapid growth we can expect in the next 20 years. People aged 65 and older in every province and territory during past 5 years increased while people under 15 decreased. It showed a […]

Check Out the Ideal Places to Retire

By Kenny Leones If one can’t decide where to retire, there are actually a number of places to choose from. Why don’t we check out some of these places and be of help to those who are having a hard time deciding. One of the best places to retire is in Mexico. To be exact, […]

Everything You Need to Know About Independent Living

By Kilian Allen Today, healthy, active seniors are increasingly choosing Independent Living facilities as the best of the retirement options available to them. Many seniors find the traditional escape to Florida less appealing now than the scenic beauty of sites in California and Oregon. Independent living residences vary from community to community, depending on their […]

Living Frugal in a Park Model Mobile Home

By Gary Pierce Living frugal in a park model mobile home is a great way to retire on less. And it sure beats continuing to work. Has your retirement portfolio taken a tumble in the last 2 years? ┬áMine sure has. The retirement plans of many are being rethought. That’s not all bad. I reside […]

Family Time When Youre Retired and the Family Isnt

By Mary Lloyd When you retire, you have more time–unless you’ve stuffed your days full of whatever comes along so that you can reclaim that all-too-familiar feeling of being too busy to breathe. What other people expect of all your “extra” time, especially friends and family, can get dicey though. And the disappointments that come […]

Old and Gray But Not Blue Guide to Right Retirement Planning Tools

By Kevin Robertson Your sunset years should not be beset with problems and everyday concerns anymore. It is your last time for you to enjoy yourself and to be able to look at the world from a different perspective. This should be one of the best times of your life when you are already free […]

Retirement A Time For Lovability

By Jerry Elrod Retirement is a time to focus on hobbies enjoyed and developing new ones. One that may not be given much thought is working on your lovability. Know anyone who could invest time, thought and worthwhile enterprise to do just that? How about that person staring back from the mirror every morning? Lovability, […]