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Scrapbooking Ideas and Solutions Storage Solutions

By Michel Maling Crafters who are new to Scrapbooking soon realize that there seems to be an unwritten rule: ‘She who has the most stuff wins!’ There is no real reason to have masses of supplies, although it is tempting with so many beautiful and creative products available today. The temptation is often just too […]

Cheap Scrapbooking Ideas and Solutions

By Michel Maling Cheap Scrapbooking Ideas and Solutions that I use to give my pages a personal touch. I am a scrapbooking addict, and at the rate I go, it can get pretty expensive. I have a lot of methods and cheap scrapbooking ideas and solutions that I use to save costs on my scrapbook […]

Blending Your Family Through Photographs and Scrapbooking

By Shirley Cress Dudley Blended Families are sometimes tough to unite. One day you are two separate families, and after a brief marriage ceremony, a few bites of cake… the next thing you know, you’re considered one family. Well- at least on the outside. It’s difficult for adults and kids to get used to the newly blended […]

Start Your Family History Search With These Genealogy Tips

By Shakora Malik With hundreds of genealogy charts, websites, computer programs, databases and subscription services, it can be intimidating to know where and how to begin a genealogy search. There are sites online that provide birth, marriage and death records and you can fill in the gaps with census records, military records, county records and […]

Scrapbooking Armoire

By Peter Gitundu A scrapbooking armoire is furniture that is basically designed to assist us with the storage of our book collections in a proper and organized manner. Just in case you have been finding it quite a challenge to keep up with neat arrangement of your scrapbooking materials, now here is a chance to […]

13 Tips For Preserving Your Photos

By Penelope Simon Preserving photos has become my top priority. My Grandmother and I have started going through her collection of photographs to scan and preserve 7 generations worth of photos. As I’m archiving these photos, and realizing their value, I want to preserve them to the best of my abilities. I’ve done tons of […]