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Luma Projection Screen How Do the Draper Luma Projector Screens Match Up?

By Tom Tweed The Luma projection screen brand has become quite popular among projector users. In particular the Draper Luma projection screens are renowned for their price-to-quality. In this article I will go into the pros and cons of this line of projection screens. What Is So Great About Draper Luma Projection Screens? As I […]

Solve the Problem of LP Storage For Vinyl Record Collectors

By John A. J. Rose When you are serious about collecting vinyl records, LP storage is serious business. It is important to preserve the vinyl of course, but the album covers are important too, and keeping them stored correctly is the key to keeping them in mint condition. At the highest end in vinyl LP […]

Buying Guide For Home Theater Projectors (Step 2)

By Jermai Wilson Currency specifications for home theater projectors. When you decide to buy a projector on website, compare values for resolution, brightness, contrast ratio and weight, and any optional features. -Resolution In a projector resolution is the number of pixels that the device produces. The value is expressed as two numbers: the first indicates […]

Finding Affordable USB Turntables Online

By Andrew Hawnt USB turntables are marvellous things, especially for those of us who still have our vinyl collections. With a USB turntable, you can transfer those classic records onto your computer and store them as MP3s, as well as burning a CD copy for your own personal use. They’re a great thing for music […]

Prospects of LCD Television

By Fredrick Joy Now that the markets are slowly recovering from the onslaught of economic recession, demand for televisions is picking up speed and velocity. LCD as the largest selling product in the television segment is expected to create new records of sales in the global markets. Manufacturers are confident that LCD will be able […]

Mount Speakers on Your Wall to Increase Room Space

By Erika Ayala Have you recently bought a new set of speakers for your home theater system only to find out that you don’t have enough floor space for these in your room? If so, then you should read this short article on how mounting speakers on your wall can help increase room space. There […]

Why You Need to Use the Best Cables For Home Entertainment

By Jason B Thomas A home entertainment system is not really to difficult when you actually start doing it. You don’t have to be specially trained and if you get confused you can find information on the internet. The real work is researching on which components you want and which will work together the best. […]

What is High Definition?

By Steve T Johnson It is all about the picture quality. First if we look at normal TV. Normal TV has 288 lines of picture that change between odd and even to give a 576 line image. This is known as 576i with the “I” meaning interlaced (draws every other line in the picture then […]

Setting Up Your Home Theater For a Good Picture

By Jill Hudson When anyone watches movies or television within your own home, your picture quality is one of most important aspects. Whether you are using a TV or a projection system, this will be the most center point of your room as well as your theater centerpiece. In this article, I will be explaining […]

Essential Tips to Picking Out the Best Home Theater System

By Jill Hudson There’s nothing like the experience of a movie theater. You can be mesmerized by the movie by watching a large screen. The seats shake and the sound comes at your from all directions. The dark room makes it even more wonderful of an experience. Many times responsibility, family and budget make it […]