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Copper Bath Sinks Are Just Great For Your Bathroom Decor

By David Patullo If you are going to do some remodeling in your bathroom, a great idea is to buy some fantastic copper bath sinks. These bathroom sinks will add style and creativity to your bathroom, making it the center of attraction in your bathroom. The copper bath sinks will also bring a fabulous impact […]

Bathroom Sinks a Necessary Accessory For Your Home

By David Patullo Bathroom sinks can go a far way in remodeling your bathroom. However, if you just bought your home or you already own your home, you may need to educate yourself as to which bathroom sink will be just perfect for your home. You will need to have an understanding about the different […]

Reliability is the Key to Triton Shower Spares Success

By Thomas Tente The electric shower is one indispensable item of any bathroom, and companies manufacturing them have often come from very humble beginnings before going on to become brand leaders in their category. Triton is one such company that started its manufacturing in a garage way back in 1975, and is now a brand […]

Urinal Replacement Batteries 5 Great Ways to Maximize Your Replacement Batteries

By Fay Salmons Urinal replacement batteries are not that hard to look for because these are available in any retail or hardware stores. Generally, automatic urinal flushing units make use of “AA” batteries that are also commonly found in other household fixtures like wall clocks. To ensure that your urinal replacement batteries would last longer […]

Bathroom Remodel Part 1

By Shawn Snyder We have a small cramped and very dated master bathroom. So this year as a Christmas present to each other we decided to remodel our bathroom. Come along on our journey. Our first step in the remodel of the bathroom was to remove the wallpaper, boarder and the popcorn ceiling. Putting down […]

What to Do When You Need to Refinish a Bathtub

By Christopher W Smith So your bathtub looks grungy, scratched, rusty, and old. You’ve looked at new tubs in your local home improvement store, and you’ve seen models you like for less than $200. It sounds like an inexpensive fix; however, you’ve forgotten to include a few items in your estimate. How about the cost […]

Golden Tips on Bathroom Decorations Just For You

By Robert Groce Bathroom is one of the most important parts of our home. We expect a wash room to be clean and well installed with toiletries. It is considered as one of the most confidential places in the entire domestic household. We only spend about a couple of minutes inside a bathroom, but it […]

Great Bathroom Tiles For Decorating the Bathroom of the House

By Jason Colling Bathroom tiles are most important building material. These tiles are used for decorating and shaping the bathroom of the house. Individuals obviously will like to build or refurbish their bathrooms with the natural tiles. These are in fact natural stones, which comes in various shapes, colours and designs in the market. The […]

Shower Floor Pans Often Made Mistakes

By Al Bullington Shower floor pans consist of several layers all working together to keep water where it belongs. Make one of several mistakes and the shower leaks and the repair bills mount. Here are some common errors. 1. Shaky Base Tile cracks if installed over a base that moves. That goes for shower floors […]

Facts About Water Saving Showers

By Mark E Ford Taking into account both conservation and performance issues, shower designers and manufacturers generally agree that 9 litres per minute (about 2.4 gallons) is the optimum flow rate for water saving shower. However, while this flow rate may be ideal, we estimate that at least 60 per cent of shower installations would […]