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Solar Energy Top Benefits to Consider

By Khuzy Bain The experience of being involved in a situation such as oil, coal and gas and as their price continue to rise we tend to find another alternatives that would give us the free effective cost that can help us to save our budget. With solar energy there will be no problem of […]

Help Save Energy Costs For Heating and Cooling

By Cindy Knutson-Lycholat There are 3 important elements for efficient heating and cooling: Maintenance, Maintenance, and Maintenance! Furnaces should be tuned up at least once a year by a professional HVAC contractor, preferably before the heating season begins. Air conditioners should be serviced in the spring before the hot weather starts making demands on the […]

Benefits of Using Solar Panels at Home

By Michelle Y Ching Nowadays, more and more people are starting to utilize solar energy for their homes. They have solar energy-absorbing panels installed on their roofs and they use it to supply a percentage of their household energy consumption. These panels provide a renewable and sustainable energy source which makes it a very good […]

What is So Good About Earth 4 Energy? Top 3 Reasons it is the Best Guide to Make Free Electricity

By Nikola Iliev These are the top three reasons that “Earth 4 Energy” is the best system to make free electricity. “Earth 4 Energy,” like many other systems you can purchase teaches you how to make free electricity and because of the below three reasons is the best system to follow: Reason 1: With “Earth […]

Magnetic Power Generator Can it Really Help You Save Money on Your Electric Bill?

By David M. Jacobs A magnetic power generator is a very reliable source of energy that works 24 hours a day without stopping, producing more and more free electricity. The energy derives from the magnetic fields of the north and south poles of the magnet. More and more people every day make the decision to […]

The Real Price of Solar Panels

By Grace Watkins If you are considering installing solar panels as a means to save money, you need to read this. Will going green really save you money? Make your decision after you read on to discover the real price of solar panels. If you want your panel to simply collect energy from the sun, […]

Energy Saving Hour Earth Hour Has Become a Worldwide Phenomenon

By John Charles James The energy saving hour, or Earth Hour, is a green initiative to help promote awareness of energy conservation issues and combat global warming around the world. Individual cities in every nation have in the last few years implemented annual energy saving hours to turn off all unnecessary lights and shut down […]

Energy Saving Devices 12 Energy Saving Ideas to Help You Cut Your Utility Bills

By John Charles James With the recent push to be more conscientious about energy conservation a variety of products have emerged on the markets that are aimed at the green community. A wide variety of energy saving devices can help consumers to save energy and money, all the while reducing wear and tear on the […]

Renewable Energy Can Save On Heating Costs

By Jan Strom Renewable Energy, a term we have heard a lot about, but do we really understand it. Well, I will give some basic explanations and give some examples how this can decrease your own living costs.Renewable energy is typically water, wind and sun. Water is one of the most effective energy carriers if […]

Energy Efficient Lighting For Your Home Basic Tips For Home Improvement

By Maria Faith Good quality living is a result of all the right components in your house combined into one remarkable setup. One of the most important components that surely make for home improvement is the lighting aspect of your home. There is currently a wide array of energy efficient lighting for your house that […]