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Unlocking the Secrets of Feng Shui to Create Massive Wealth and Fortune

By Jay P Jackson When it comes to the matter of Feng Shui, it literally means making use of the flow of energy in the environment to generate positive effects for you. When channeled correctly, the energy or more commonly know as the Qi that flows in the air will bring you wealth as well […]

Room Dividers (Decorating With a Japanese Divider)

By G. Savage An Asian divider is an iconic export of the company of Japan. Most often associated with ease of use, durable products, and the availability to separate any room into at least two separate usable portions. Japanese room dividers are available in various different sizes and functions making them perfect for any home. […]

Adding a Feng Shui Fountain For Powerful Wealth and Career Success

By Ling Meng A Feng Shui fountain placed indoors or as a part of your outdoor landscape design can have a positive impact on your ability to attract wealth and career success into your life. Interior fountains are a fantastic choice for attracting the correct energy when placed in your prosperity and career life regions. […]

Feng Shui Colors Finding the Right Colors For Your Home

By Amy A Xu The key to choosing the right feng shui colors for your home is to first understand two very important principles of feng shui. The five elements which are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water act as a guide for creating balance in one’s surroundings. Next we turn to the Bagua to […]

Feng Shui Room Design Basic Color and Layout Guide

By Amy A Xu Feng shui is the art of improving the environment in which you live or work by making a series of changes to the color, layout and decor. There are a number of people who think of feng shui as being very mystical and hard to comprehend. There are professional consultants who […]

Aesthetic and Sustainable Architecture

By Stephanie Chambers I recently attended a global eco design conference. Whilst the basic principles of a sustainable house such as insulation, ventilation and orientation to suit the climate were good – the resulting houses seemed to lack something. They didn’t seem to have much intrinsic beauty or elegance. The only principle that was mentioned […]

Feng Shui Office Design For Cubicles

By Roger Hutchison Whether you work in a home office or if you have a cubicle in a corporate environment, you can work towards having a feng shui office layout that will help improve your wealth and success. We’ll start with what is probably the most restrictive environment. I would be if you’re working in […]

10 Feng Shui Tips to Unlocking the Secrets to a Better Home Living in Your Bedroom

By Swanton Mah One of the most important places to bring in good feng shui is your bedroom. If you want to activate your career luck, wealth luck and have good luck, good health and good fortune, feng shui-ing your bedroom is the most important aspect. We have people asking us on how to feng […]

10 Great Feng Shui Tips For Your Business Or Home Office to Bring Harmony and Wealth

By Swanton Mah Most of us spend a lot of time in office for work. Regardless of whether it is in your employer’s office or your home office, the office environment can at times be very challenging. Relationship with your colleagues or business partners is a very important factor to unpleasant office politics. While you […]

Feng Shui Tips For Important Areas

By Kartar Diamond The Bedroom: • Sleep with the headboard or pillow side of bed against a solid wall. • Sleep away from the entrance door to the room, not aligned with it directly. • Avoid sleeping under exposed beams; use a canopy bed or create a false ceiling. • Do not sleep under/near low […]