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Garage Tile Flooring Advantages and Disadvantages

By David Patullo Opinions are divided as to what constitutes the best garage floor. Is it rolled flooring or is garage tile flooring the answer? Whatever your choice of garage flooring and this is really an individual decision, adding garage flooring is a good decision. Some of the benefits include: adding warmth to cold floors; […]

Understanding Ceramic Tile Ratings

By Melanie Evans-Rivera The range of ceramic tile available for use and installation in homes and offices these days is enormous to say the least. However, when choosing the right ceramic tiles for your particular project it helps to understand the basic ceramic tile ratings system that is followed industry wide. Here is a simple […]

Carpet Remnants Save Money When Recarpeting

By Arthur Coldwell The current economy doesn’t leave much room for free spending on things like redecorating your home. One great way to revamp the house without spending your kids’ college fund is to use carpet remnants. Eventually everyone’s home gets a bit run down and outdated and needs a slight overhaul. With finances the […]

Features of Epoxy Floors

By Jennifer Waller Everyone wants to protect the surface of their garage floor from all kinds of damage. However, this floor is subject to the roughest treatment compared to all other surfaces in the home. This is something that cannot be avoided and thus arises the need of a protective flooring to guard against damages […]

Fitting a Wooden Floor Effectively

By Liamk Gardner Wooden floors have been popular since decades and even today people prefer to have a clean natural look for their houses. There are several advantages of having a wooden floor because of which they have been very popular. A major benefit with this type of flooring is that it is easy to […]

The Importance of Bathroom Flooring

By Dixie Burden Probably the most important flooring material in any one room, and the least thought about, is the selection that you make for your bathroom. Homeowners will spend extra money to assure proper insulation, HEPA filters on their furnaces for allergens and disinfectants for surfaces to keep their family free from germs but […]

Prevent Rug Pads From Damaging Your Floors

By Luis Santamaria I often hear stories about people removing their rug and pad only to find the pad broken down into a layer of dust or marking their floor. This happens for a few reasons, both of which can be easily avoided. When thinking of area rugs, think of a quality rug pad as […]

Basement Flooring Enhancement

By Steve Holland Basement flooring installation is a significant part of basement remodeling. There are a number of things you should bear in mind before you purchase for supplies. First of all, determine what kind of basement flooring suits your needs. If you intend to totally remodel the basement, take into account the type of […]

Rubber Floor Mat

By Rob Ganion One of the biggest types of floor mats people are buying for their house’s and lots are rubber floor mats. It has been proven that time after time rubber mats are far more durable and solid then many other types of flooring. The main reason as to why these mats are so […]

Carpet Installation Do it Yourself?

By Ray Massie Tackling carpet installation, just like any job around the house, starts with the question from my wife.  “Are you sure you know what you are doing?”  I know carpet is going to be on my floor quite awhile.  I want to make sure its done right, and this time I call a […]