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Basement Waterproofing

By Jeff Tully Basement waterproofing means different things to different people, but they all try to prevent basement flooding. Exterior basement waterproofing stops water from entrance to the basement by creating a barrier between the soil and the foundation. Interior basement waterproofing is actually water management, for it directs water away from living spaces by […]

Shed Foundations The Basics of Shed Foundations Uncovered

By Jeb Greenback It’s absolutely essential that you get everything to do with your shed foundations correct to ensure your investment lasts for years regardless of the weather. There are a a few different types of shed foundations for you to consider and I will go over what you need to know in this article. […]

Fall Brings Showers and the Opportunity For Homeowners to Service Their Homes Before the Holidays

By Jacob Ewing Lee When spring and fall bring rain, homes across America experience seepage, flooding, and increased levels of moisture and humidity. Only a handful of homes have sump pumps or dehumidifiers to help their situations out. Even these measures are not enough, in some cases, to keep basements and crawlspaces dry. While summer […]

Techniques of Foundation Repair

By Casey Torren Foundation repair must be done right away once there is a single sign of damage in your home. Over time, damage on structures and homes are inevitable. The damage can be unsafe for the people living in it. Foundation repair may be done due to the following occurrences; natural catastrophes like earthquake […]

How to Keep Water From Entering Your Basement From a Flooded Window Well

By Justin D. Whelan Many people have water in their basements coming from a flooded window well. During a rainstorm, the window well fills up, and if it does not drain properly the water level rises until it reaches the level of the bottom of the basement window frame, and then goes into the basement. […]

Stop Concrete Basement Crack Leaks With Polyurethane Foam

By Aaron Kuertz People love their basements.¬†Basements are used as storage areas, rec rooms, entertainment centers and extra living space.¬†It is important that the basement stays dry to protect possessions, stay clean and remain safe from health hazards.¬†Unfortunately, cracks in a basement wall can let in water and cause damage. The Cause of Concrete Basement […]

Tips to Insulating a Crawl Space

By Tim Wilkerson With research proving its benefits, more contractors are enclosing the crawl space. Closed crawl spaces are more energy efficient; resolve moisture, mold and rot problems; and stop insect infestations. But what many contractors don’t understand is how to properly insulate one. When the crawl space isn’t insulated, even if it is closed, […]

Learn the Right Way to Fix Leaks in Your Basement Floor

By Naomi West Hundreds of Americans are dreaming of owning their own home. Owning a home of their very own is liberating and allows you to make the decision without having to consult with someone else. Those of you who own homes understand this feeling – but can attest that there are certain negatives to […]

Basement Waterproofing and Hydrostatic Pressure Damage

By Paul R Turner Basement leakage, flooding and water damage is a problem experienced by many homeowners, especially those who have older residences that haven’t been properly serviced in several decades. As homes age, the waterproofing systems that were put in place when it was constructed become antiquated and less effective, and the block walls […]

How Annual Rainfall Affects Basement Waterproofing

By Paul R Turner With recent advances in materials and construction technology, basement waterproofing techniques are quickly gaining popularity. When it comes to new residential construction, basement waterproofing techniques such as the installation of footer drains or french drains is a given if a home is being built in a wet area of the country. […]