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Before You Buy Replacement Firebrick Consider Soapstone

By Michael A Wilson If it’s time to replace the firebrick in your wood stove or fireplace you may be tempted to just buy standard firebrick. Before you do that you may want to consider soapstone firebrick. Soapstone is not only a beautiful stone used for carving and sculptures. It also has physical and chemical […]

Portable Air Conditioner A Convenient Cooling System

By Ileana Limon Are you looking for a convenient cooling system for a small room? Try a portable air conditioner! This is perfect for those who work at home and needs to keep themselves comfortable while working. This is especially applicable for those who have a small space for their own office at home. It […]

Tips to Keep the House Warm and Comfortable All Year

By Connor R Sullivan For many people, heating or cooling the home is probably one of the most expensive parts of running the home. But help is at hand with the geothermal heat pumps organization. Geothermal is possible and many people will want to find out exactly what this means for them. These pumping machines […]

All About Wood Stove Pipes

By Erika Ayala Wood stove pipes are an important factor in the installation of an outdoor wood furnace. It plays a big role in making sure that your unit performs well in the years that will come, so you have to choose a high quality product that will guarantee you superior performance. There a number […]

Installing Radiant Floor Heat

By Justina Michaels Radiant floor heating systems are able to offer your feet a warm and comfortable feeling. Unlike systems that use forced air, they do not stir up dirt, dust and other allergens and are able to cut down heat loss by infiltration. A system that uses forced air pulls the air out of […]

A Vented Gas Fireplace Will Be an Attractive, Cozy Focal Point For Your Home

By Anne Pottinger The attractive, dancing yellow flames in a vented gas fireplace can provide a delightful, cozy focus in a home. They are safe, efficient, easy to operate, provide instant heat and don’t involve the clean-up of a conventional fireplace. All that is required is the flick of a switch, a preset thermostat or […]

Electric Baseboard Heaters Energy Saving Tips

By Matthew Summers Is your energy bill rising for no apparent reason? Your home might be the problem, not the appliances. Your electric baseboard heaters may be working properly, however; 31 percent of the warm air escapes through floors, walls, and ceilings. Other places where air may be escaping include ducts, plumbing fixtures, through the […]

Beware Mold is Lurking in Your House

By Marcus Camfferman Most people spend the majority of their time inside their homes. Studies have shown that the air in your house may be five times more polluted than the outside air. The EPA has listed indoor air quality as one of the top five environmental health risks today. Microscopic mold along with mildew, […]

The Benefits of Power Flushing Your Central Heating System

By Jack C Taylor For those of you that don’t know what power flushing is, it’s the process used to ‘clean out’ a central heating system, including the boiler and radiators. It works by pushing water through the pipes at a high velocity so that any sludge or debris is flushed out. Chemical agents are […]

How to Keep a Warm Bed

By Rachel Peterson Keeping a bed warm at night during cooler weather can be as simple as using a heated mattress cover. These mattress covers allow us to control the temperature of our beds and have the heat radiated from the bottom up. This allows for evenly distributed warmth without the use of lots of […]