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Bringing in Natural Elements

By Linda A Hammond Your home can reflect natural elements by using a variety of materials to decorate it. By beginning with earth tones in the colors you choose and incorporating natural fibers for your upholstery, you will be on a greener course to your home d├ęcor. With nature in full bloom, your earth tones […]

Recycle That Old Fur Coat into Decorative Home Decor

By Victoria Larsen Yes, it’s an absolute sin to kill those precious little creatures to create new fur coats just so we can look “glam”. But what about all the fur coats that hang in the thrift stores? What about Grandma’s fur coat that was handed down to us still smelling a bit like moth […]

How to Create a Sandstone Look Finish Over a Tile Or Formica Counter Top

By Victoria Larsen I was sick and tired of that white tile bathroom counter top with it’s deep green grout. It was outdated and ugly. I wanted to give it a new surface without removing any tiles, creating a lovely sand stone finish right over the existing tile. After a bit of internet research, I […]

Top 5 Guides in Choosing the Area Rug

By Halie Tep Area rugs are the best floor decors. They can fill up the bare look of any room. This can be considered the most adaptable accent for home because it can be positioned in any rooms. There are also particular rugs for outdoors. That’s why it is very easy to set this anywhere […]

Five Decorating Solutions For Your Music Room

By Margaret Gilliam A music room is all about your love of music, and your family’s enjoyment of the refined musical arts can be a great inspiration for designing the music room. It is important to choose appropriate furnishings for the music room, to enhance the quality of the music and make listening much more […]

Area Rug Styles A Brief Overview

By Shannon E White Selecting the right rug for your home or office depends on numerous factors, including style, material, price, function and size. The place to begin is with style. Area rug styles derive their names from where they were made originally or from their primary use or function. Some are well known and […]

Interior Design Consultants

By Mark Joj Adem Be it your workplace, your home or your business, we always want our space to be the perfect combination of the aesthetics with the practical. As humans we are always willing to upgrade for our best of advantage. The same goes with the space we own which we always wanted to […]

Contemporary Metal Art For the Wall

By Timothy S. Herbst Some people consider themselves art aficionados and they know everything regarding the topic. Others are novices when it comes to artwork, but they know what they like. There is a form of contemporary metal art that will be equally appreciated by each of these groups. This makes a nice addition to […]

Enjoy Style and Function With Beautiful Interior Window Shutters

By Aglaia Rara Finding the right window treatment can be a challenge. Window shutters may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re trying to find the right window covering, but they are a wonderful, versatile choice. Wood window shutters marry form and function in your home. They let you let light […]

Designs of Leopard Duvet Covers

By Denzale D Montgomery Leopard print duvet covers come in various combinations of design, But, not all come out as well as others. In fact some designs come out just plain ugly. Or even worst than having a horrible design, the thread count can be way too low giving the duvet a most horrible look […]