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How to Get Rid of House Centipedes! 3 Proven Ways to Do It!

By Kenneth L. White If you’ve ever seen a house centipede, then you know the fear and hatred that these things can bring! Most people that I know can’t stand the sight of them. There are some people in our society that are a little off and have decided to try to make these things…PETS! […]

Using a Snake Repeller to Get Rid of Snakes

By Johnny Tepp One of the newest products I have found for getting rid of snakes includes snake repellers. A snake repeller is more of an electronic device that is supposed to be able to keep snakes out of your yard. For people like me, who have always feared snakes, any product out there like […]

Mouse Extermination Techniques

By Mike Lovejoy If you have a mouse running around your home, what is the best way to get rid of it? Of course, you can hire a mouse extermination service, however, it would be wiser to just do the job yourself. You can buy snap mouse traps for around $6. If you don’t want […]

How to Deal With Mice in the House

By Rachel Morgans No one likes to see a mouse inside their home, but sometimes it’s inevitable. If you live in apartment building or out in the woods, you may very well be exposed to some visitors once in a while. If you’ve recently spotted a mouse living within the confines of your house, don’t […]

Types of Houseplant Bugs and Methods to Check Their Infestation

By Ray Whitely Sooner rather than later, houseplant bugs will invade your indoor plants, thereby getting them to wilt and throw their leaves prematurely. It is really important you know more about the different types of house plant bugs and the most effective ways to control their infestation. Your house plants are pliable to attacks […]

The Insects Are Done For the Winter, But the Mice and Rats Are About to Move Into Your Home

By Joseph Jackson The temperatures seem colder than normal for this time of year in Indiana. Do you suppose that’s a prediction of a harsh winter ahead? The last couple of days turned nice with sunshine and warm air, and I spent the evening two days ago outside grilling a Mahi Mahi steak for dinner. […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Pigeon Control Methods

By Asaf Reich 1. Fake Owl Statues: Owls are natural predators and pigeons are scared of them. This natural fear can be exploited and a life size statue of an owl can be installed on top a building to keep the pigeons away. The biggest advantage of this method is that, it is very cost […]

Should You Pay For Professional Termite Inspection?

By Harv Quinn A thorough termite inspection is a good way of confirming your pest problem. Homeowners though have different approaches to this. Some may opt to conduct property inspections themselves. Others may choose to hire experts. Which is the better approach? There is nothing wrong with inspecting your property yourself. You may even be […]

How Much Damage Can a Termite Actually Do to a House?

By Greg Vandenberge If you really want to know the truth, it’s probably going to shock you. I have heard stories, of termites in tropical climates, destroying vast amounts of lumber, within short periods of time. When I was in Hawaii, all of the lumber that they were using to frame the home was green. […]

A Word About Stink Bugs

By Gregory Pettis If you need to know how to kill Stink Bugs, you first need to know how they got here. As you may have heard, Stink Bugs have been imported from Asia to Allentown and have now spread all over Pennsylvania, and bordering states. The Pa. Dept. of Ag, farmers, and the pest […]