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What to Do When Stripping Wallpaper Damages the Drywall

By Linda Tubbs Hi my name is Linda Tubbs, owner of Tubbs Pro Wallpapering of Hampton Roads VA. If you are stripping your wallpaper and it causes extensive drywall damage, I highly recommend hiring a professional who has the experience to get the job done quickly. But if you’re a “do-it-yourself” type person and have […]

What is Universal Design?

By Joaquin Erazo, Jr. The term “Universal Design” seems to be everywhere. But what does it actually mean? Universal Design can be applied to a wide variety of things, including instructional materials, vehicles, computer programs, museum displays, science lab equipment, or public buildings. When referring to residential home remodeling, Universal Design usually means designing and […]

A Garage Doors Return on Investment

By Traci Brook If only the government had hired ME to run the country, we’d all be living in peace, happiness and prosperity. In these tough and turbulent economic times, the best way to keep your head above water is strategic planning. Not budget cuts, raising taxes, eliminating jobs… just strategic planning. The lost art […]

Home Remodeling For the Absolute Beginner

By Michael Metterson When we talk about home remodeling, we used to think that it was only a job for home builders and contractors. Today, however, it is a different story. Now more people are leaning toward the DIY (do it yourself) generation. There are numerous videos and testimonials on television and the Internet showing […]

Prevent Any Damage to Your Basement Structure by Knowing All About Basement Foundation

By Frank Sarntarpia The basement and the underlying foundation is what your house rests on and hence is the most important part of the house. The foundation provides a structure on which the rooms are built and the entire house is stable with a strong structure. The foundation of your house also separates the house […]

Home Remodeling Adding Another Level to Your Home

By Seema Rani Yadav Home Remodeling projects are wise investments that offer benefits to last a lifetime and even beyond. You can enhance the curb appeal of your existing home with a room addition and also can increase the resale value of your home. Home remodeling is an exciting idea to add significant value, functionality, […]

What Makes it Good Remodeling Contractor?

By Greg Vandenberge If you really want to know what makes a good remodeling contractor, it’s honesty, compassion and experience. It really doesn’t get any simpler than that. If you’re looking for a good remodeling contractor, make sure that they have all three of these things and your remodeling project shouldn’t have too many problems. […]

Small Water Leaks Can Become Frustrating For Homeowners

By Greg Vandenberge This might not be the problem, if you have a small water leak in one of your sprinklers that’s 500 yards from your house, but if you have a small water leak inside your house, this is going to be a completely different story. Small water leaks can cost you lots of […]

Five Home Remodeling Problems You Can Solve Easily

By Greg Vandenberge There are plenty of people out there today that imagine home remodeling projects to be one of the worst things that they could possibly get involved in. Why would you want to risk hiring a contractor or doing the work yourself, only to find yourself dealing with home remodeling problems that are […]

Home Decor Tips For Major Renovations Becoming Your Own Planner

By Matthew Sorrow Nowadays, one could approve a better design, which reveals the worldwide influences, with amazing software provided in the internet. One could easily obtain useful home decor tips, which are tried and experienced, through regular visit at different web sites. Whilst it would be so much easy for us just to shop online, […]