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Are You Interested in Thin Stone Veneer Products For Your Home? Natural Stone Vs Man Made

By Doug Casady The choice between natural stone veneer and man-made stone veneer can be difficult. Natural stone veneer is cut from real stone, so in fact it is more durable with time. Man-made stone is a cement based product which can fade, especially if installed in a location that is exposed to the sun […]

Facts About Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts and How to Make Them Work

By Clint Steiner Many households enjoy the antique atmosphere of having a fireplace serving as the centerpiece of any living room. But it takes a little bit of knowledge to understand how these traditional fireplaces actually work. Fireplaces cannot do their functions without any air as the fire will cease to burn. A draft then […]

Gripes About Granite

By Carol P Freyer Granite counter tops are the latest look in elite kitchens; of course they are – they are also one of the most expensive counter tops you can find! However, there are disadvantages to granite, even though it is more expensive, and there are also granite look alike’s that could fool a […]

Setting Cap Stones Installation Techniques

By Michael Olding One of the biggest areas of failure in masonry wall construction is the cap stone or lack of one. This article will deal with the proper installation of a cap stone and leave inferior design (lack of one) for another day! For centuries the cap stone was the proper termination method for […]

Add Natural Artwork and Splendor to Your Next Housing Or Landscaping Project With Fond Du Lac Stone

By Katie Buyer Known for its natural beauty and custom depth and dimension, Fond Du Lac stone is a very popular type among those who have come face to face with it. This is considered one of the most exquisite pieces of stone when it comes to natural artwork and splendor. If you are shopping […]

Faux Stone Backsplash Budget Friendly With Tough Looks

By Guru Bhakt If you want to have the contemporary look of stone, concrete, granite or wood within your budget go for faux stone. Faux stone backsplash bring beauty of wood, stone, brick and metal to your kitchen. So what exactly is faux stone? It is a high density molded polymer to create looks of […]

Patterned Flagstone

By Robert R Smith Patterned Flagstone looks exceptional in floors, patios, walkways, and foyers. Patterned Flagstone has a formal, yet rustic appearance, which is great for creating beautiful patios and walkways it will also add that special touch as flooring. The use of this material will add a special charm to you project, weather it […]