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A Nighttime Pool Party

By Aiza Hernandez People are so wrapped up in their work these days. For pool owners, going home and taking a swim can provide some respite. If you have a pool, why not share this relaxing space to co-workers and friends by throwing a nighttime pool party? After a long busy day, this cool pool […]

Ways to Prevent Water Freezing Damage on Your Swimming Pool

By Annie L Stuart Water freezing during winter is one of the greatest problems your pool will encounter. Without the proper winterizing and preventive measures, frozen water can cause severe damages to the pool. It could bust pipes, crack tiles and puncture walls, creating severe leaks that will drain and waste your pool water. We […]

Basic Information About Infrared Saunas

By Anthony J Pensabene Infrared saunas are used for the same reasons as traditional saunas. There are many health benefits and moments of relaxation to be enjoyed. In addition, there are some distinctions regarding an infrared sauna to be understood. Read the following article to get a better understanding of the particular type of sauna. […]

Robotic Pool Cleaners

By Clint Walker Robotic pool cleaners differ from suction and pressure side cleaners in that they are electronic devices operating independently from the swimming pools filtration system. As such the manufacturers of these robots can incorporate computers and sensors in the units to aid it in avoiding obstacles in the pool. Another unique feature of […]

Dreammaker Spas Two Popular Models

By Alexander Cabardo Who out there hasn’t noticed that the price of hot tubs and spas has been steadily rising over the years to where it is now? That is, that it seems that to go out looking at nice new, quality, full featured spas one has to have at least $6,000 in their pocket. […]

Dreammaker Spas Now Come With an Amazing Waterfall

By Alexander Cabardo Now, every time I used to think of a spa in my home, I was like most people in that only thought of bubbling water and therapeutic water jets. Sure these are enticing but I always wondered what more could be added to a spa to make the experience just that more […]

Advertising Costs in the Swimming Pool Industry Plunge to Zero

By Anthony Cummings I have taken great pride in interviewing and or using almost every pay per click and pay per lead website available on the market today. Some are obviously more complicated than others but after a year of testing I came to the conclusion that not one is better than the other.┬áThat is, […]

Important Steps in Learning How to Build a Hot Tub

By Mike Hirn A hot tub is a large round bath tub filled with hot water and everyone can sits in it and relaxes in it. Usually when you have a very busy work schedule and after a long day of work, it is very pleasant and gives you a pretty good feeling when you […]

Swimming Pools and the Not So Sunny Weather Article

By John Jake Cox On top of the credit crunch we’ve had the “weather crunch”. We’ve noticed that some swimming pool owners haven’t even bothered to open their pools this season but it’s due in part to the economy where it has been “draw your belts in time” and now we are in August some […]

What Costs Are Involved When Building a Swimming Pool?

By Erik Saether Many people decide to add a swimming pool to their property for a variety of reasons. Whether it is for a place that the whole family can enjoy and relax by or to simply add extra value to a property, a pool is without doubt a fantastic addition to any household. On […]