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Using Custom Filters For Fresh Medicare Supplement Leads

By John Deshaun If you are a citizen of the United States of America and are more than 65 years of age, you are appropriately entitled for a set of diverse insurance policies. This has been specially formulated by the Government of the United States for the well being of the senior citizens in the […]

Do You Have the Right Insurance Agent?

By J. Michael Rosenthal When first asked to write about what a medical professional should look for in an insurance agent, I thought that a web-link to RGI would suffice; however, that whimsical thought soon gave way to the seriousness of the question.  After all, insurance is perhaps the greatest long-term expense that a physician […]

Be Smart, Become a Celebrity, Create Your Own Radio Show, Generate Constant Annuity Lead Flow

By Bill Broich Annuity agents: Be smart and get control of your own marketing and manage your lead flow by creating your own radio show. If you are not familiar with radio, it can be intimidating. It really si a matter of experience and understanding he process. One way to short circuit the process is to use a […]

Find the Need to Generate Annuity Sales, Need Selling Means Annuity Sales

By Bill Broich The Fact Finder will tell you how a prospect feels. The feeling answers found in the fact finder will show you the need. The need could be inflation concerns, income, safety and security, guarantees, almost anything can be transformed from a feeling to a need. There is an old story about selling that explains […]

Buy Insurance Steps to Find the Perfect Agent

By Frank Areeb In this article we want to concentrate more on the way to get the highly skilled professional agent. In fact, the best and the safest policy of insurance is the policy in which you have all the major risks completely covered. This can never be accomplished except if you find the highly […]

Why Exclusive Life Insurance Leads Are So Important

By Frank Rodriguez Having life insurance is a very important thing to most people. When a person passes on, they want to be sure that their loved ones are taken care of. The life insurance agents play a very important role in that they will be there to help arrange the appropriate amount of coverage […]

How to Become an Insurance Agent Part 1

By Billings Farnsworth Are you interested in working for the insurance world? Well, here are few tips you may want to consider if you are interested in becoming an insurance agent. The first thing you want to do is get to know the field. Hopefully you are already interested in the types of things that […]

Insurance Agents Should Consider Themselves As This in Order to Make More Money

By Ken Varga One the primary reasons most agents have to work long hours to earn only an average income is they consider themselves simply as Insurance Agents! While you may and should be proud of being an insurance agent, if you think you’re just an insurance agent who sells insurance policies or products to […]

How to Take Your Profits to New Heights by Working ON Your Business Instead of IN It

By Ken Varga Most agents and financial advisors usually spend their day putting out fires instead of running and growing their businesses. So at the end of the day, they haven’t made any progress toward achieving their goals. This happens because… They’re Working IN Their Business Instead Of ON It! Sadly, the majority of agents […]

How to Sell Insurance 5 Effective Ways For Selling Insurance

By Sean R Mize With the status of the global economy, it’s becoming more and more challenging to convince people to spend their money on insurance. Most buyers these days will prioritize their mortgage and their primary needs. With this in mind, is it still possible to sell insurance and make money from this endeavor? […]