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Ordinance Coverage in a Commercial Insurance Plan

By John Hilsey The unfortunate reality of owning commercial property is the potential of catastrophic damage to buildings. Most of the time, this damage can be repaired and business can go on as usual. However, there are times when more than 50% of the structure is destroyed. In these cases, many state and local ordinances […]

Insurance For Trucks The Coverage You Need

By Balajee Kannan Commercial truck insurance refers to an insurance bought for truck. Insurance helps to guard against any kind of losses borne due to accident and/or against legal responsibility that could come up in any kind of accident. All the countries have their specific insurance rules for commercial trucks. A businesses man will be […]

Commercial Insurance Finding the Best (And Cheapest) Policies

By Balajee Kannan The first thing that should come to your mind after the launch of your new business should be to get a cheap commercial insurance. Commercial liability insurance is another name for it. Look out for companies which give discounts on Commercial Insurance. The answer to the question, ‘why do I require this […]

What Constitutes Business Car Insurance?

By Graham McKenzie Personal car insurance and business car insurance are necessities in our daily life. Many differences align the two and the price varies as well. When it comes to personal and business car insurance, there are some distinct differences. If you are not looking to increase your rates, you will first need to […]

How to Buy Takeaway Insurance

By Nasreen Haque Takeaway insurance is used for fast food restaurants, cafes and establishments that allow for food to be removed from the premises. Food preparation is an important need for any community; entrepreneurs demonstrate incredible skill in preparing intriguing and nutritious dishes for their patrons. Unforeseen natural and manmade dangers are too numerous for […]

Things to Remember When Buying Takeaway Insurance

By Nasreen Haque In today’s litigious society, it is important to protect yourself, your assets and business with insurance. Takeaway insurance is a necessary expense, particularly when you own a restaurant, fast food place or other food establishment, especially when it comes to food that people can take with them out of the place or […]

Home Based Business Insurance Is There Really Such a Thing?

By Willox Perez There are many people who have a common fear when it comes to being part of the home based business industry and the reason why many of them decide not to join. Most people are afraid of failure and losing it all by risking what they have now. This is when they […]

Choosing the Right Commercial Truck Insurance

By Frank Rodriguez Keeping your truck safe is one of the first things that a truck driver or owner has to make sure to do; this includes but is not limited to providing a safeguard if the truck is hijacked or stolen, if there is an accident or the truck simply fail to function. Commercial […]

Why You Need Window Cleaners Insurance

By Patrick T Martin Insurance for Window Cleaners is a cover that you must have when you do any kind of window cleaning. It doesn’t matter if you are cleaning the windows of a large skyscraper or a small Bungalow, insurance is there for you to protect you and other people. An example could be […]

Special Insurance Issues For Restaurant Owners

By David Crump Owning your own restaurant may be your opportunity of a lifetime. A restaurant business is also an intense insurance risk. A realistic plan to reduce your risk coupled with insurance protection can help keep your dream a safe investment. Kitchen Fires – Prevention is your best safeguard! Be sure that you have […]