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Homeowners Insurance Statistics 68% of Homes Under Insured

By Stacy Fox The homeowners insurance statistics don’t lie – a survey by insurance services firm MSB showed that 68 percent of homes are under-insured. On average, homeowners have 18 percent less coverage than they need. And, brokers are not accurately assessing their clients’ needs. Another study showed that 59 percent of homeowners are under-insured. […]

Doberman Insurance Homeowners Insurance and the Doberman Pinscher

By Jared J. Balis Do you want to add a Doberman Pinscher to your family? Have you bought a Doberman Pinscher already? If so, you may run into problems finding a homeowner’s insurance company that will cover your home & dog liability. Those of us who own Doberman Pinschers know that if properly bred, raised, […]

How Much Should I Insure My Buildings For?

By Dale Maxwell The first matter to consider is just what the insurance is needed to protect against. Fire is an obvious danger, but fire is not the only thing that can cause damage to a structure. Buildings near bodies of water need flood insurance. Buildings located in areas with a higher incidence of crime […]

Townhouse Insurance Know Your Home Insurance Ratings and Protect Your Valuables

By Iyke Phelim A lot of people store their expensive and rare possessions in their town homes. Possessions like old classic photos and recliners are good examples. If a townhouse association is available to you, the association may have a master policy; however, it is still very necessary that you insure those rare possessions that […]

Vacant Home Insurance How to Get the Best Insurance

By Kris Mathews Are you thinking about getting vacant home insurance for your unoccupied property? Vacant insurance for properties that are not occupied is essential in ensuring that your home is protected. What most people don’t realize is that regular coverage does not cover homes that are unoccupied for over 30 days. This means that […]

Vacant House Insurance Tips and Advice

By Kris Mathews Have you been wondering whether or not your property is insured if you are away? The truth of the matter is that most companies will actually drop their coverage if you do not occupy the property for over 30 days. This is to reduce the risk the bear for covering vacant properties. […]

The Cost of a Home Insurance Policy May Differ Between Providers

By David H Thomson The cost of a home insurance policy may differ between providers so if you want to ensure that you have the lowest quotes and the cover you need you may want to allow a specialist broker to find you the best deal. Along with the cost of the insurance varying so […]

Save Money on Your Home Owners Insurance by Following a Few Simple Rules!

By Samantha Cantrell Home owners insurance is not a fixed premium. You may be able to trim a few hundred dollars off your premium by asking a few questions. Premiums are calculated by the insurance company by determining your chance of having a loss and how much it may have to pay if you filed […]

There is a Right Way and a Wrong Way For a New Homeowner to Select a Homeowners Insurance Company

By Ryan Richardson There is no law that requires homeowners to carry insurance. Lenders however will almost certainly have a requirement in the contract to make sure that their investment is protected. Whether it’s required or not most people see the value in protecting such a large investment and realize that homeowners insurance is a […]

A Reliable Service Provider To Protect Your Rental Income

By Kirthy S A tenant or renter’s one month rent which is taken as deposit will not be sufficient to protect any damages to rental income. There is a need for a sound protection cover to safe guard your hard earned investment. A rent guarantee insurance is what you require for this. Reach out to […]