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5 Common Chiropractic Coding and Billing Mistakes to Avoid

By Tom Necela Everyone knows denials and documentation requests reduce the value of your chiropractic claim and frustrate your billing department. To get paid on time and in full, be sure you avoid the following common errors in your chiropractic coding and billing: 1. Modifier Failures. Depending on which procedure code you use, a modifier […]

What is CPT Coding and Who Are CPT Coders?

By Adam Mlynarcik CPT is the abbreviation of the words Current Procedural Terminology and a CPT code is standard naming convention described and authorized by the American Medical Association to consistently classify and recognize medical procedures. ¬† The standard is comprised of 5 alpha numeric characters that indicate an exact procedure performed by the doctors.¬†Every […]

Medical Billing Services (The Facts) All You Need to Know

By Mary Owston If I decide to outsource my medical billing how will I keep track of it? Many physicians today question whether or not outsourcing their medical billing to a professional medical billing service is the right way to go. These same physicians ask themselves if their medical billing is not in-house how they […]

Blame the Insurance Company

By Nat Wynn Blame the insurance company is the mantra exclaimed by all, but does it really fit. I know they can give us a fit when trying to collect our money, but they really want to pay the provider, they just want the provider to play by their rules. I know I will get […]

Avoid Medicare Denials by Notifying Medicare of Any Changes in Your Information

By Michele Redmond Medicare requires that providers notify them when they make any changes to their office location, tax ID#, legal history, managing employees, or personal information. The notification is suppose to be within 30 days of the change. Many providers do not realize this until their Medicare payments suddenly stop for no apparent reason. […]

Cardiology Billing Big Changes in 2009

By Carl Mays II If your are not aware and prepared for the 2009 cardiology billing and coding changes you may be leaving a lot of money uncollected. The 2009 coding and billing changes are the most significant for cardiology that have been seen since the mid 1990s. While the average physician will see slightly […]

PT and Chiropractic Are Not Covered Concurrently

By Michele Redmond Most insurances, including workers comp & no-fault do not allow patients to be treated for the same condition with both chiropractic and physical therapy during the same time period. Sometimes the patient will not mention to the provider that they are already receiving treatment. Then the provider sees the patient, submits the […]