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10 Best Pet Insurance Ideas to Safeguard Your Pets

By Julia Powers 1. Check your auto insurance to see if your pet is covered in case of collision. Auto insurance companies like Progressive offer special riders for pet owners in the event that their pets become injured during car travel. 2. Make sure your policy has a wellness plan. Wellness plans were created by […]

VIP Pet Insurance Combat Vet Costs

By Karl Stadler Being a person who adores her pet, I fervently hope that his physical exams never turn up anything that necessitates a major procedure, or surgical intervention, or medicine. So far all my pets have been fortunate, but I have witnessed others suffering through painful medical problems with their beloved non-human companions. We […]

Cat Insurance

By Rudi ONeil Do you have a cat that you love? Then you are going to want to be able to get it sorted if it is ever taken ill or involved in any sort of accident. With the cost of veterinarian care being astronomical, the only feasible way to be able to do this, […]

The Cadillac of Dog Beds You Will Also Want to Sleep on It!

By Caroline Miller Have you ever come home only to find your dog sleeping sprawled out on your bed? You put a gate in his way, he jumped over it with such ease. You put a door in his way, he scratched it until it looked like there wasn’t a door there. You took him […]

Pet Insurance For Your Dog Is it Feasible?

By Avrum Elmakis Dog owners naturally want to make sure that their dogs can receive the care they need in the event of an accident, illness, or even a routine checkup. The problem is that many types of services that are offered by veterinarians are prohibitively expensive. It’s not uncommon for a simple procedure (for […]

Considering Pet Insurance

By Lance Winslow Many people love their pets as if they are one of the family, why; because they are and that is why pet insurance is a very good idea for the pet lover who wants the very best medical care for their pet when something terrible happens. Did you know that you can […]