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Find Cheap Boat Insurance Quotes

By Ricky Lim If you are making a payment for your boat insurance and you don’t know where to start, you shouldn’t wonder anymore. If you check out the boat insurance quotes that are available all over the web right now, you get a clearer picture of the process that you have to do when […]

Why Jet Ski Insurance is Different

By Ian Mcculloch Jet Ski Insurance is different in some ways to other types of boat insurance. As with all insurance you should be aware of what is being quoted to you in the form of cover. Personal Watercraft (PWC) or Jet Skis are very popular and are often seen around the coast not only […]

Boat Insurance Peace of Mind for Your Marine Adventures

By John Gibb As with all vehicles a boat is legible for an insurance policy, under the Marine Insurance Act. While some small boats kept on your premises can be covered by home insurance, Marine insurance can cover not just a seafaring boat but also the goods, as throughout marine history ships have been lost […]

What Kind Of Boat Insurance Coverage Do I Need?

By Mansi Aggarwal Deciding what kind of boat insurance coverage you need depends on many variables. To start off, the type of insurance you need depends on what kind of boat you have. Being familiar with boats you would need to look at the different variations between the various types of boats that are in […]

Pain Free Boat Insurance For Anyone

By Calvin Leonard You might not have realized it, but boat insurance is the oldest kind of insurance there is. As with car insurance, policies come with an excess to discourage small claims – for boat insurance, this is usually quite a large sum of money, as the intention of the insurance is to cover […]

Power Boat Insurance The Necessity of Boating Life

By Brent Bonnett Are you thinking of buying a boat? Do you already own a boat? When figuring out the total costs of your investment don’t forget about power boat insurance. If you are trying to avoid this purchase, Don’t! Your finance company will make it next to impossible to go with out it and […]