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Do You Need Employers Liability Insurance?

By Tracy Wallbank What is liability insurance and specifically what is Employers’ Liability Insurance? A liability insurance policy covers you for legal costs and damages if an incident arises and you or your business can be held legally responsible for it. Employers’ Liability insurance is a compulsory insurance for the majority of businesses employing staff […]

Workplace Accidents Know the Causes!

By Rudra D There are chances that while you are being at work, you may meet with an accident. There are various reasons for an accident. You may meet with an accident due to the fault of someone. Sometimes, accidents also occur due to the improper safety measures at the workplace. It is true that […]

Workplace Accident Compensation

By Mert Ozge Are you disoriented as to what to do about workplace accident compensation? There is countless number of people out there who certainly find themselves in this situation on a daily basis. Accidents definitely come when they are least expected. Most people would be highly surprised and thus get frustrated forgetting that machines […]

Workplace Accidents

By Mert Ozge Workplace accidents can be very devastating depending on the type of work at stake. For instance, in places where poisonous chemical are involved or complex machines are handled, it could be very dangerous when accidents occur. In fact, there are so many other ways that can result in various incidents at the […]

Business Interruption Insurance Are the Business Assets Adequately Covered?

By James Cochran If severe storm damage caused your business to shut down, would you be able to sustain the company while the repairs were being made? If the closure spanned several months would you be able to pay the continuing expenses such as the mortgage or rent, taxes, the salaries of you and your […]

Let the Workers Compensation System Work for You

By David Sternlieb The Worker’s Compensation system in New Jersey provides benefits to worker’s injured or whom contract an occupational disease during their course of employment. Benefits include the payment of medical bills, temporary lost wages and compensation for any resulting permanent injury. Almost every worker is covered including farm workers. Persons considered to be […]

Have You Considered Income Protection Insurance?

By Simon Lance Burgess While we all like to think that our jobs are safe, the truth is that anything can happen in the future. Being made redundant is just one of the problems that could crop up along with suffering illness or being unfortunate enough to have an accident. If any of these kept […]

Illinois Workers Compensation Knowing Your Rights When Visiting a Doctor After a Work Injury

By Peter Drummond Illinois workers’ compensation is a program that allows employees who have been injured while on the job to receive compensation from their employer while they recover. Under the current Illinois workers’ compensation program, an employer is also required to provide medical care and pay for all necessary visits to a physician. But […]

Workers Compensation In A Hard Market What Are My Options?

By Ed Parker We have posted articles that discussed the current hard market and what it means to the staffing industry. The first step in the process of selecting the best insurance program for your company is to “Analyze” the situation. This involves reviewing the alternatives that are available. It is important that one does […]

If You Are Suffering From an Asbestos Related Illness You May Be Able to Claim For Compensation

By Paul Barry Asbestos was extensively used as a building material in Great Britain from the 1950’s through to the mid 1980’s. Its main purpose was to be used as insulation. Any type of building built before 2000 has the chance of containing asbestos; if however the asbestos is in good condition you are safe, […]