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Online Audio Advertising How to Get Started With Audio Marketing For Your Online Business

By Mike Heesen Audio advertising on websites is becoming more and more popular these days and is a great way for marketing your online business. However, many marketers donĀ“t know how to go about this. Therefor I decided to write this article describing the 4 Key Tips in order for you to get it done […]

How a Good Audio Product Can Make You Rich

By Menno Spijkstra In every product creation, thorough research is very important for you to be able to hit the right target. Knowing what your prospective customers want or need will help you come up with the appropriate product that will surely sell to these people. You cannot simply produce a product without knowing the […]

Say It Out Loud, Importance of Audio On Your Website

By Jason Pearson A few years ago audio online moved at the pace of snails. Most people knew they would be waiting awhile if they wanted to load any audio. Once it was finally finished the ‘wow’ factor had pretty much fizzled. In today’s day and age high speed technology has thrust all internet users […]

Customize Your Website With Flash Audio

By Menno Spijkstra Customizing a website is now a trend for many internet site owners and even online marketers. Pure text web pages are quite archaic and boring to most internet users. Many users these days are easily enticed by web pages that have flash audio and video streaming as well. To cope with competition, […]

Internet Talk Radio A New Dimension of the World

By Jennifer Salerno Since the invention of radio, it is playing a great role in everyone’s life due to its valuable role in the mass media. History reveals that Indian scientist Jagadish Chandra Bose started his research work on the detection of the millimeter wave radiation and later he demonstrated his apparatus for detecting radio […]

Add Audio Into Website Tool It Works Like Magic!

By Tom Sheinberg “Add Audio into Website” Tool is amazingly effective as it simply helps your Site to convert better. Professional marketers already know that – we should always look for new web marketing ideas that make us different. Want to get better results online? check this short review. Some basics This “Add Audio into […]