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How to Find Topics For Your Blog

By Veronica Yager You have a blog (or a business opportunity) that you are wanting to market. You may find that after a week of daily blog postings, you have run out of ideas for topics. Where does the professional blogger come up with all his topics to keep his blog fresh? How do all […]

Successful Blog Flipping Handling Several Blogs

By Keith Lunt If you are blog flipping, then you might be trying to turn over the blogs quite quickly, or you may prefer to really establish them and sell them further down the line for a bigger amount. But either way, the income is not going to be that great if you are just […]

Blog Article Writing 3 Intermediate Secrets to Excel

By Sean R Mize 1. Be an expert. You need more than just great writing skills to excel in the field of blog article writing. As your audience are reading blogs mainly to get valuable information, it’s very important that you have in-depth knowledge on the niche that you’re targeting. You must be able to […]

SEO Blogging Software What Search Engine Optimized Blogging Software Can Do For You

By Colleen I Slater If you’ve been working on a blog, you may have heard about SEO blogging software. This is software that can greatly speed up your production on your blog. It also can increase your blog’s search engine rankings. It does this through several methods. A software like this first helps you with […]

The Best Blogging Software 3 Critical Things to Consider When Choosing a Blog Software

By Colleen I Slater What is the best blogging software? It’s one that you actually use. It’s one that will speed up your productivity and increase your output. It’s also one that works in an ethical manner. Here are three things to consider when choosing a blogging software. One of the most important qualities in […]

The Best Blogging Software

By Keith Lunt In my view, there is only one truly great piece of blogging software on the internet. But it is not always the best for all people, there are sometimes alternatives whilst not the best for the masses, are better for distinct niches? So what attributes make up the best blogging software on […]

Blogging Software Will Blogging Software Really Help Increase Your Productivity?

By Colleen I Slater Blogging software seems to be the latest trend. All over the place, you see software producers coming out with a way to make blogging easier. But does blogging software really help increase your productivity? It depends on what kind of software you get. You can get software dedicated to automatic posting, […]

Get the Most Out of Your Blog 9 Steps

By Michelle Salater Blogs are an excellent online platform to provide valuable industry news and tips to your target market, but they are also an integral part of marketing and promoting your business online. Blog posts that provide value to your readers help position you as an expert in your field and a credible source […]

Create a Blog to Make Friends and an Income in the Virtual World

By Diggy De Bruin Everyone feels a little alone at some point of their life. Not every one is blessed with friends and family who they could relate to. It is not that you would not have friends and family around you, but the concern is that most of the times you are not able […]

Promoting Your Blog 30 Minute a Day Blog Promotion Part 1 Research

By M. Nielsen Promoting your blog can seem like a task that can easily take up hours upon hours of your time every single day. Think about it! There are so many things you would like to do to promote your blog. This is only natural as every blogger wants his or her blog to […]