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Domain Name Purchasing

By David Patullo To establish a presence on the web, it is necessary to have a domain name. A domain name is the identification of a web page. Since the World Wide Web works on the IP address system, a web server requires each domain be assigned a DNS (domain name system) to translate domain […]

Choosing a Domain Name Seven Tips to Help You Choose a Good Domain Name

By Michelle Shaeffer More than 50 million domain names have been registered and more are registered every day. Are you ready to join in and get your own domain? This article covers some of the important things to consider. To get started choosing your domain name, grab a piece of paper. Write down your business […]

Domain Investments 3 Tips to Earning Real Profits

By Kristopher Thomas The stock market is on a roller coaster. Real Estate markets everywhere are still in a massive slide. Where do you turn in this brutal environment to invest your money? Well, a safe bet right now is definitely in domain investments. Buying and Selling Domain names is becoming just as popular as […]

Are You Thinking About Purchasing a Domain?

By Josh Wood Like websites, when thinking about purchasing a domain there are many questions which need answering. First are you going to turn the domain into a website yourself or pay someone else to do this for you? If you are going to turn a domain into a website yourself you vitally need the […]

Domain Selection Is Useful For Success In Online Business

By A. Rahman Faruque The Domain name is exclusive for a website as A good and appropriate domain name is very important to arrive destination of the online business. The domain name should be short and easy to remember always for the visitor. Proper domain name should be reflect what your website in all […]

How to Choose Your Domain Name

By Brian E Howard Are you planning to expand your business through internet and reach thousands of customers? Or are you keen in getting more traffic to your own little personal domain? No matter what your domain is about, one thing you want from your domain is to reach an ocean of internet savvy people […]

Do Not Embed Famous Names in Your Own URLs

By Raymond Aaron I wanted an effortless way for people to be able to access my Facebook Fan Page, which has an absurdly long and unpleasant URL. Let me explain what I did. Let’s say my name is Bill and that my main website is So, I bought another website, simply to function as […]

Getting Your Own Domain Name

By Ted Smolkowicz There are literally thousands of online services that can offer you a web presence. However, many of these services come with quite a few restrictions. One of those is that you will be at the mercy of the provider’s Domain Name. Plenty of these providers will allow you to “create” your own […]

Domain Name For Your Website

By Daren Sean There are many things you need to decide when dealing with web hosting. One of the first things is your website’s domain name. The term domain name refers to a website address. It is a unique identity that separates your website from others on the internet. Therefore, you should put plenty of […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Website Flipping

By Brock Hamilton A person who tries to be a flipper of the website assumes that it is the easiest thing to be done. But the fact is such a person should have more patience, he needs to do lots of research and he needs good practice. You can never compel yourself to master certain […]