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Online Video Production Pro Or Joe

By Andrew D Reynolds Video production itself used to be very cut and dry. Turn on the lights. Check the microphones. Quiet on the set. But with consumer technology creating decent video for a lower price, the once clear boundaries have become somewhat blurred. User generated video sites are everywhere and as anyone in any […]

Build an Audience With Podcasting

By Andrew J Green Millions of people around the world are connected to the Internet. What better way to send out a message than by recording a podcast. If there are some skeptics out there, there’s always Quantcast to reassure your doubts. Podcasts are one of the most popular and growing Internet devices that allows […]

Make Your Own Podcast Finding Your Topic

By Jay Jennings If you’ve listened to a few podcasts you may have been struck with the idea, “Hey, I’ll bet I could do that!” Doing your own podcast isn’t hard, but where some people get stuck is right at the very beginning… “What should my podcast be about?” There are two ways people usually […]

Benefits of Being Interviewed on a Podcast

By Karen Gonzalez Podcasting is simply a way for people to have a radio show on the internet. It’s really no different than regular radio programs except that the show is delivered via the computer. There are several benefits of being interviewed on a podcast (radio show). These include convenience, a potential increase in audience […]

Have You Tried Podcasting to Target Your Market Yet?

By Fabian Tan One of the best ways to target your market is to find a way to talk directly to your prospects. Podcasting is especially advantages because your prospects make a free willed choice to view your message. From the advertising perspective, podcasting is one of the best ways to gain attention of your […]

Podcasting is For Everyone

By Menno Spijkstra Many internet savvy persons are getting more and more familiar with the term podcasting. However, for those who just heard of this terminology, podcasting may just be another one of those jargons coined by cyber fanatics. Be that as it may, it is fast becoming a trend, a profitable one at that. […]