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Yahoo Store PPC For the Success of Your Yahoo Store

By John Tweak If you own a Yahoo Store to do business over the internet, then it is important that you market your store effectively to reap the benefits. As such, Yahoo Store is a powerful ecommerce package in itself to market your products online. To obtain even greater success, it is imperative for you […]

Google AdWords Why You Never Want to Go Into an Online Niche Market When There is No Competition

By Jason Nyback One of the biggest mistakes that most people make when they want to get more website traffic is they will often use AdWords in markets where there is no other competition. In this article I want to show you exactly why this is a bad idea and will leave you broke. What […]

Top 10 Tips For Selecting Keywords For a Pay Per Click Campaign

By Dwayne Cameron As an affiliate marketer, I depend quite a bit on Google AdWords to drive targeted traffic to my website. When I first started out, I ran into trouble when trying to choose the right keywords, and these errors would not only limit the effectiveness of my campaigns, they would also cost me […]

Implications in PPC

By Gilbert Steves Like any other technology and innovation, the PPC management technology also has to be protected and guarded against abuse of the clicks generated by dedicated business competitors. There are a number of corrupt developers of business and personal web sites who use this Lead generation technology to reach out on to the […]

3 Reasons Why Most People Fail at Google AdWords

By Mark Figuroa Using Google AdWords can be a very quick way to drive traffic to your website or sales page. But it can also be a very expensive and frustrating experience if it never seems like you can’t put together a winning campaign. Here are three reasons why you might be currently facing this […]

How Covert Persuasion Techniques Can Boost Your Pay Per Click CTR?

By Danny Romano As you will have no doubt by now, a great deal of the covert persuasion power rests with the language used to achieve one’s ends. While non-verbal cues and influences can certainly work to persuade people in subtle and subconscious ways (such as choice of music influencing consumer behavior), it is words […]

The Power of Google AdWords Gives You Online Profits

By Martin Willson Online marketing is a great venue to earn money without spending or investing too much money. Perhaps the easiest money making way would be through affiliate marketing. Sign up in online marketing networks, like ClickBank and start earning commissions from sales of digital products, downloadable online. But which promotional tools should you […]

Easy Access to a Google AdWords Account

By Martin Willson Google Inc. has been established since the late 1990s. It has served many Internet uses and services – search engines, electronic mail, online mapping, social networking and advertising. It has developed many open source web browser and programs that cater to making business profits easier to acquire. Google AdWords is Google’s main […]

Start Conversion Tracking in Google AdWords and Double Your Revenue Fast!

By Jay Michael Yes! You DO need conversion tracking working in your account or you will not be able to get the best return for your money, if any at all! Why? Because you need to be able to eliminate words that you spend A LOT on and NEVER get conversions! A conversion, if you […]

The Great PPC Retail Collapse

By Jodi Hans Then, the bottom Once upon a time in a galaxy known as the internet there was a belief that retail stores could make huge profits running PPC campaigns. They spent so much money that small businesses began to believe that they could use PPC to be successful too. fell out. The recession […]