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10 Sites You Must Be Listed on to Get to 1 in Local Search

By Todd Temaat If you’re trying to develop a local search engine marketing strategy for your business, there’s no doubt you’ve claimed your business in Google’s Local Business Center (recently changed their name to Google Places). And now that your listing is ready to go and you’ve filled it with all the critical information about […]

Search Marketing Solutions That Work

By Hank Kruger When it comes to advertising products online, this can get really expensive, especially if you are not aware of the pay per click solutions that are out there. Remember that you will end up spending thousands of dollars just trying to get your product or service known to the online general public. […]

Whats This New Search Engine Optimization Software?

By Josue Jj Joseph Imagine your website having tens of thousands of landing pages linking back to your website. Each page is rich in content, keywords, and search relevance. And everytime the end-user types in the search engine, your website automatically appears at the top. This is what TAP is doing for our clients in […]

How to Find a Niche Market Using a Simple Search Engine Technique

By Peter Denaux Setting up a profitable business on the web has never been easy, but it seems to become harder every year. One of the most important decisions you have to make, at the very start, is to find a product in a market segment that can be profitable. It should be a product […]

Search Engine Marketing Playing the Game

By Tommy Taylor The most challenging part of search engine marketing is to crack the Google algorithm. Each one of the discussions, debates and research on content optimization, keyword selection, title creation, link switch and more are all too familiar amongst the website owners by now. And it does now and again seem that the […]

Google Keyword Annualizer Tool Refining Keyword Research

By Brian R Brown It can help identify amazing niches with decent demand and low supply so that you can create targeted content to help your site rank for terms in that niche. It also helps in identifying link building opportunities. You can get new ideas for creating products/services that your target market is craving […]

The Working Strategies of Search Engines

By Hasmat Shiham Ullah In recent years internet got the popularity among peoples all over the world. All these peoples query is not also same. To serve their query lots of web pages are also created with information with widely dispersed topics. But how the people find the pages which are they looking for. It […]

Search Engine Marketing Why PR Isnt Everything

By Jason Nyback Ranking highly for keywords in the major search engines is an ambition shared by most every website owner in the world. However, while most sites set their sights high, few set their sights in the right places.  Ranking well in the search engines is not enough – you must be ranked for […]

Paid Search Marketing Advice Effective Keyword Strategies

By Samuel Ng When it comes to paid search marketing, there are so many effective keywords strategies and you have to pick and choose the ones that will work well for your particular landing page and offer. Over 50 States Within USA, there are more than 50 states and even more cities. Take your keywords, […]

The Essence of Google Page Rank and Its Influence on Website Promotion

By Siju George Page Rank is a link analyzing algorithm introduced by Google. It is interesting to know that the Page Rank algorithm is patented by Stanford University and not Google. But Stanford University gave unlimited license rights to Google and now it is the trade mark of Google. This quote is taken by Wikipedia […]