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Is Your Website Ready For Customers?

By Lou Unkeless As more companies transition from traditional marketing to online marketing as the core of their go-to-market strategy, they want to jump right into driving more traffic to their website and converting those visitors into customers. Unfortunately, too many companies have websites that are not ready for customers. At some point in the […]

Noteworthy Strategies Widely Used to Increase Search Engine Rankings?

By Patrick Sia Web developers make great efforts to increase search engine rankings. But they also make mistakes. Why is page rank so important? Well, this rating given by search engines is the main criterion based on which a website gets displayed in the results pages. And the fight is intense for the first results […]

Travel Guide For CVBs Marketing Your Destinations Size Gets Results

By Jessica Swink If your CVB or tourism bureau rarely or never sees its city being used for conventions or meetings, it may not mean that your destination doesn’t have much to offer. It might need a brand makeover. How does your DMO or CVB cater its Web site to make its city or town […]

Website Traffic Rankings and Alexa A Magical Mystery

By Ginger Marin Web site “watchers”, those people who profess to be in the know about all things Internet have a tendency to rely on a traffic ranking site called Alexa. These watchers will refer to Alexa to get such information about a web site such as type of site, links to the site, number […]

Easy Website Promotion at No Cost

By Dustin Heath Website promotion is one of the main requirements for a successful business venture and finding ways to promote your business at no cost is a huge bonus. When you are spending money on advertising and website promotion there will be less profit left for your business. Making a profit is the bottom […]

Make Your Website a Resource in Six Steps

By Jennifer Williamson Search engines try to feature websites that are good resources for their users. For each search phrase a user types in, Google looks for sites that contain lots of content related to that phrase. It also looks for sites that are linked to on other sites, using that phrase or related phrases […]

The Shocking Truth About Monetizing Your Website Or Blog

By Rex M. Tanner Something that never ceases to amaze me is people who have the “Field of Dreams” movie mindset. “If I build it, they will come.” People launch brand new websites and actually think they can just plaster it with Google AdSense and begin to plan an early retirement. That intuition came true […]

Offline Marketing Tips For Online Businesses

By Cathy A Lindsay Utilizing these few ways of advertising offline can be very beneficial in creating more visitors to your website. If you don’t all ready use this strategy, consider implementing it into your business. There are many potential customers out there just waiting to visit your site. They just don’t know it yet.   Passing out […]

Promotion Materials Should Advertise With Purpose

By Rowan Isaacs Some promotion materials get their points across very well and create a buzz in the process. Others, unfortunately, fall well short of the mark. To gain the most from a campaign, promotional advertising needs to be handled with a clearly defined purpose in mind. How can a company or organisation take steps […]

I Want to Make My Website More Popular

By Bruce A. Tucker You have finally done it. You put the finishing touches on your website. It is built with the latest technology that makes it an Internet masterpiece. You are so confident that what your site has to offer and how it offers it is so great that once a couple of people […]