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The Dynamics of Social Media Marketing

By Livvie Matthews There is a new, rapidly expanding revolution sweeping businesses worldwide. New technology and the economy is forcing major changes in marketing strategies. As a result, businesses are racing to shift gears from their strategies of days gone by, to today’s more competitive strategy of “word of mouth marketing”, also known as relationship […]

Using Twitter For Marketing and Traffic

By Peter Damien R To Tweet or Not To Tweet Is the Question Some serious marketers are dubious about using Twitter for marketing and traffic; yet there are many, like Ewen Chia, who swear by it. If you do decide to use this strategy, the first thing to do is ensure that you know Twitters […]

How to Easily Create a Custom Twitter Background and Getting the Right Twitter Background Size

By Steve J Wright Just like anything in life, it’s important to put something personal into your Twitter page and the only way that you can truly do that is by learning how to create a Twitter background free, and that is what we’re going to talk to you about in this article. If you […]

How to Remove a Facebook Application From Your News Feed

By Kim Woodbridge As much as I love my Facebook friends there are some applications that I don’t want or need to see clogging up my news feed. The application can be removed from the news feed, although it isn’t obvious, and you won’t have to de-friend your first boyfriend. For this example, let’s use… […]

How Much Automation of Your Tweets Should You Do?

By Phyllis Zimbler Miller Twitter is such a powerful tool – for those who understand how to use it effectively – that the third-party applications created for it grow by leaps and bounds. And many of these applications are to automate a specific part of your Twitter activity. It would be lovely if there were […]

Top 5 Ways to Build an Online Business With Facebook Ads

By David Hale Marketing strategies and campaigns for promoting your business online do not have to require a huge budget. Creating awareness among people through advertisement, Google PPC advertisement, pamphlets, and many such mediums can costs a lot of money. To cut down these expenses would be anyone’s dream and this dream now could be […]

Monitor Your Law Firm Web Presence With Social Media

By Gyi Tsakalakis The web has fundamentally changed the speed with which we can publish information as well as the access others have to that information. With these changes, it has become increasingly important that you not only make sure you are putting forth efforts to establish your reputation online, but that you monitor what […]

Professional Salesman International

By Darewin Amio Ocampo With the current financial crisis plaguing the economies of the world people have been very desperate in finding a stable and reliable source of income. And with mass worker layoffs everywhere people nowadays prefer having their own business than being employed which has fueled yet another great boom in the home-based […]

5 Essential Tools For Your Social Media Toolbox

By Ron KK At this point, social media has gotten too big for even traditional marketers to ignore. Whether or not your company has already built a dedicated social media marketing campaign, the following are 5 essential tools that should be a part of your social media toolbox. 1. Twitter Everyone and their mothers are […]

Web Marketing Strategy Number 9 Social Media For Your Home Internet Business Opportunity

By Shirland Carrington Social Media as a web marketing strategy is all about building trust and relationships with your potential business partners. Social Media is great vehicle which allows your prospects the opportunity to get to know you on a personal level without any sales pressure. Potential business partners are given the opportunity to observe […]