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If Youre Getting Spam E Mails You Might Have a Security Problem

By Richard Peek Why Do I Get Spam E-Mail? You know what I’m talking about those annoying emails that you get from people you have never heard of, that try to sell you stuff you don’t need. If everybody hates spam, why do we get it ? Well not everybody hates spam the fact is […]

Email Delivery and the War Against Spam

By Rob Thrasher As reported from the New Scientist, a team of researchers from IBM, and Cornell University developed a new algorithm for detecting spam in emails, called SMTP Path Analysis. The algorithm works by examining the path information (probably by looking at the Received headers), and detects patterns that are likely to be the […]

Blocker Spam Why Everyone Should Use One

By Yuto Wong Spam is something that I have to regretfully say – has become a part of our lives when it comes to digital communication. There is no stopping it, because of a combination of the power of the internet to promote anonymity, the self replicating methods that hackers use and the very fact […]

Five Golden Rules For Dealing With Spam

By Mike Morris Spam is a term used to describe the sending unsolicited messages indiscriminately in bulk by means of electronic media. E-mail is the usual vehicle for Spam often advertising products like cheap prescription drugs and discounted computer software. Confidence tricks have also found as new lease of life through e-mail. I think many […]

Spam Filters Prevention Better Than Cure

By Tarun Gupta You must have seen your mail box full of unwanted messages and how annoying it is to read and delete the unwanted mails. So where do you think they come from and what are they actually? Let’s go into the details of spam and how to combat it. Few people try to […]

Annoying Chain Messages

By V Santhosh Last night I got a message on my phone from a classmate which read: “The lucky angel has already landed on you. She was a girl that has been kidnapped and died. Please send this message to 15 people during 5 days time and the person you like will fall in love […]

Spam Filter Programs Do They Work?

By Yuto Wong Before I answer the questions on spam filters I’ll give a little background on spam. In summary, spam for the miseducated, is an abuse of any form of digital and electronic systems of messaging, leveraging on established communications network to send out UBE or UCE’s (unsolicited bulk/commercial emails) that have commercial messages […]

Spam Where it Came From and How to Escape It

By Sandeep Chouhan Who Cooked This!? (How did it all start?) The modern meaning of the word “spam” has nothing to do with spiced ham. In the early 1990’s, a skit by British comedy group Monty Python led to the word’s common usage. “The SPAM Skit” follows a couple struggling to order dinner from a […]