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Why You Should Consider Video Blogging

By Amuro Wesley Compared to typical video marketing in websites, video blogging is a much easier and more economical way to make money online. You do not need to spend money getting domain names and web hosting accounts although I encourage you to do so later when you earned some money. Instead you can get […]

Custom Video Production For Lawyers Benefits and Cost

By Ripley Colter The online environment for lawyers is getting congested already. Most of the lawyers have already established their website and others are already planning to create one. Today, there is no room for staying on a comfort zone, everybody is already aiming to achieve a good edge on competition and everybody is aiming […]

How To Stupidly Drive Huge Traffic To Your Blog Or Website Using Funny Videos On YouTube

By Daniel Danlord The concept of using funny videos on YouTube to generate free traffic to blogs and websites can not be overemphasized. Just to throw more light on the topic we are going to be looking at the most effective ways of utilizing this method. In order to generate huge traffic to your blog […]

Getting More Sales As a Result of Adopting Video Software Now Exceptionally Simplified

By Vicki Tenzii YouTube marketing can be a complicated subject but if you put in the effort, it can help you with your business as we have learned from CBPredator. YouTube has been around since February 15, 2005 and was started by three entrepreneurs by the names of Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim […]

Why Your Business Needs a Good Corporate Video in 2010

By Christiaan Harden If businesses want to compete in 2010, they will have to do so online. And to do so effectively, they will have to settle their prospective customers’ and clients’ increasingly huge appetites for online video. While print and television advertising are on the wane, corporate video production and online video marketing are […]

Tips For Online Video Submission

By Manoj Tiwari Presently, video marketing is rapidly becoming one of the most useful tools to promote products of any category. Be it any service, specific product or simply a website, video marketing stands top of all tools to gather attention they deserve on Internet. To get massive exposure to your videos, the most effective […]

Why Video Content Rules the Internet

By Amber Lynn For years companies have tried just about everything to market themselves on the internet. In fact, many businesses spend millions of dollars to make certain that their message reaches potential customers. Until only recently, one of the most popular ways to promote businesses on the internet was by publishing articles. What do […]

YouTube Insight Whos Watching Your YouTube Videos?

By Ken E Adams Have you had a chance to fiddle around with YouTube’s Insight tool? This tool goes beyond telling you how many viewers have watched your online videos and shows you where your viewers are located, how they are finding your Internet video, and what demographic your viewers fall into, and which areas […]

Online Video Marketing

By Leland Clark Video marketing is becoming the predominate tool for Internet entrepreneurs attempting to reach their targeted prospects. It provides quick and easy access to information about goods and services being offered online. Studies going back at least fifty years highlight the effectiveness of visual communication when applied to learning. Even a short, thirty […]

You Wanna Be a Moderator?

By Frank Hellweg You think it’s just a matter of smiling into a camera and delivering some patter? You are exactly right! The problem is, smiling into the camera and delivering some patter. Or rather: doing it so that it’s your smile and your patter. Because if it’s not, the viewer will KNOW, will feel […]