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Evolution of Website Development

By Jacob Taylor In August 1991, the first website came into existence with authorship of Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of “World Wide Web”. Thus Berners-Lee became the first person to combine the Internet communication with hypertext. Erstwhile, hypertext was only meant for sharing scientific documents of various researches to be kept with browsing information on […]

Different Types of Websites For Different Types of Businesses

By Petrus Keyter I think the following statement will maybe cost me many followers, but this is my personal view and I feel strongly about it. In the internet world there are only two types of websites. Those that work and those that don’t. My opinion is that if websites are not designed with the […]

The Benefits of Website Building Using Web Standards and CSS

By Jeff Ferguson For anyone who is new to the subject of website building it’s nice to get some background information and to see the bigger picture. It will also explain why I use the methods of web building that go into a website if a customer chooses to have one from my Web Design […]

Web Development Techniques For SEO Purposes

By Diarmuid Ryan There are many simple and effective tweaks that can be applied to a web site right down to underlying application and database. A well coded clear and simple architecture for a web application allows for specific things that make the URL more readable for search engines. For example if you had an […]

Is Your Website Too Advanced?

By Paul Qua Are you working on or currently have a website? If so, is it fulfilling the needs of your targeted audience? You may be asking yourself, what is this guy talking about? Well in this article, I’m going to hopefully help you think about, a different side of your website that you may […]

Marketing Your Website Online

By Lalu George You need to market your website offline to help round out your overall marketing strategy. To get the most exposure, be sure to include your web address on: 1) classified advertising, 2) yellow pages advertising, 3) product/services sales sheets, 4) trade magazine and other advertising, 5) direct mail marketing, 6) public relations […]

Creating a Website Getting Started Fresh Content is a Good Thing

By Colin Litchfield If the content on your website never changes, it’s likely that most people won’t come back often, if at all. Unless your topic is a rock solid reference subject, you can not get away with not updating your content. If your core material is a subject that doesn’t change very often, you […]

Build Your Homepage Quickly Using a Web Site Builder Program

By Ko Fai Godfrey Ko Recently a friend of mine was bewailing the fact that he had a website on Geocities which is now closed. He needed to go to all of the trouble of moving his site. What should he do? He had to start from scratch. He had a backup but only a […]

Web Development Estimation

By Jhon Andy This article helps you evaluate or justify the projected cost for your Web Development project. If you have been thinking about developing a web based application or even a simple website but are not sure about its costs then this article will help you come to a price range or even exact […]

How Service Professionals Can Recover From a Website Development Disaster

By Cathy Goodwin Service professionals who want to get clients online often summarize their experiences in one succinct sentence: “My website has become a disaster scene.” .Here’s what two kinds of disasters look like and how you can recover. Disaster Scenario #1: You hired a designer or developer. You hired a copywriter too. Now you’ve […]