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All About BHP Shares

By Alon Farnendo There are a very few companies in the world which actually earn a lot of profit in the business of mining. BHP Bilton is one amongst such companies which deals in mining in a huge fashion and earns a lot of profit. It is not only present in the mining business but […]

Wondering What Day Trading Is?

By Ben Lardes If you are new to the process of trading the whole system may seem extremely complex. Day trading in particular is a specialized branch of trading that is worth taking a closer look at, in order to decide if this could be worth doing in the future. So what exactly is it […]

Trading Journal or Trading Spreadsheet Waste of Time?

By Greg Thurman As a full-time day trader now for nearly six years, I know what a roller-coaster life can be when first entering the market arena. I also know how much easier your trading life can be with the proper tools, tactics and mindset. While all three are extremely important to your overall success […]

The Real Secret to Profitable Trading

By Jan Nieuwoudt What is the key to forex trading education that will turn even average forex systems into winners every time? This is nothing magical or secret and you have probably heard it all before, but it is the most important part of forex trading. In fact it is so important that if you […]

A Broker Calls

By Anna Coulling The one call all traders dread is the “margin call” which brokers make when your trading account does not have enough money to continue trading and the account only has the initial margin remaining. At this point as a trader you have a number of options as follows: First, do nothing and […]

The Art of Investment Trading

By David Jenyns If you’re comfortable with and making better results in your trading portfolio why don’t you use the same method in your superannuation fund? Also do you calculate your stops differently in your super than your trading fund? Stuart: I appreciate where that person is coming from, but to me they are so […]

Overriding Or Modifying Trading System Signals

By Kevin Davey I recently received an e-mail from a relatively new trader.  He was trading a system he purchased, based on its alleged stellar performance. “I’ve been using this system for a few weeks, and sometimes I just KNOW the signals it gives will be wrong. What do you think if I’d take the […]

IvyBot Review Real Truth Behind Forex Software Like Ivybot

By Folusho Orokunle Ivybot, is the newest and best in a long line of automated currency trading programs. After reviewing different currency trading platforms during the last half a year, I have spotted an engaging trend. The most important thing that I have spotted is that there are a lot of new pieces of software […]

How You Can Benefit From Investing in ETF

By Philip Chua Investing In ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) Welcome to the world of Investment. If you are new to ETF, it’s probably time you look into this as part of your investment portfolio. So, what is an ETF? An ETF is an Index Fund that is listed on a stock exchange and trades intraday […]

How to Dominate the Day Trade Market and Triple Your Investments With a Stock Market Picker

By Jonathan Langley The sheer number of factors which affect a stock’s performance make it very difficult to predict market patterns and trends. Because of this, many traders, all of varying levels of experience, fall back and rely on a stock market picker which is a program which generates remarkably accurate market predictions so that […]